2-year-old Climbing Out Of Crib At Night? 5 Simple Solutions

Apart from rolling and hitting head in the crib rail, babies climbing out of the crib frequently can cause any parent great worries. Finding an effective way to deal with this? Scroll down for 5 simple ways to handle the issue of 2-year-old climbing out of crib at night.

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Don’t panic!

From those days when your baby is still little and just sleeps safe and sound in the crib, he leaves you the longest time of the day to rest.

Fast forward 2 years later, they are about to escape their concussion into the big world. Waking up in the middle of the night at 3 o’clock might be a routine for you from now on and, understandably, you are freaking out.

You may attempt to prevent this from happening. But, it is worth knowing that the more you force your baby to stay in the crib, the more they want to get out of that sleep prison when the time comes.

Instead, take it as a mark of a natural growing process, which surely shouldn’t be suppressed by any means. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on your precious sleep either.

Here is what to do for toddlers climbing out of crib and still to make it a win-win for you.

What to do if your 2-year-old climbing out of crib at night?

There are many genius solutions you can take to deal with this situation, many of which include lowering the mattress, using a sleep sack, and so on.

Keep the mattress low

lower mattress

If you have the type of crib that has adjustable mattress height, lucky you, this tip is for you. All you need to do is spend some time lowering the mattress as much as your baby can’t put his leg over the top rail.

Also remove all the stuffed animals, blankets, or bedding, not much for safety but rather for not to support your mischievous little one to step up climb up out of the crib.

Another smart way is to turn the lowest rail against the wall. Of course, this is not the case for the crib that has all evenly high rails.

Use a sleep sack

If you used to think a sleep sack is only for small babies to keep them from startling themselves in the middle of the night, you may want to think about it the second time for this tip.

One of the safest, most effective ways to stop your baby from climbing over the crib is to restrict the movement of their legs. Sounds kinda painful but that’s exactly what sleepsack does! And there sure are bigger toddler-size sleep sacks available on the market.

It may not be that easy to shop for these sacks in the store so you may have to look for them online, but they do exist and can be your lifesaver. Notice to choose one with a hidden zipper if your baby is super good at unzipping things.

Catch them in the act

This tip may sound ideal for those who find it hard to tell their baby to follow their directions. Kids simply act on their own all the time, don’t they? But for those who are lucky enough to have obedient, do-as-what-you-said kids, then why not?

To pull this off, you have to 100% catch them in the act, exactly when their legs and hands are in “perfect posture” to get out! Try to give them calm but firm disapproval and lay them back down in the crib.

You shouldn’t overreact because it may urge your child to do the same thing again just for attention. Just make your message clear in a calm but strict manner.

Even if your baby seems to follow exactly what you said the first and second time, it is highly advised that you should still repeat this for a few more nights until he has fully learned the expected behavior.

Improve sleep habit

sleep sack

If your child has been a great sleeper ever since and the crib climbing out just suddenly appears, then yes you can take tips and tricks to stop the act.

But in some cases, climbing out of the crib is just one of the series of actions your baby does to keep themselves awake, anything he would do but sleep.

If so, clearly keeping them from climbing is just to scratch the surface, it’s time to seriously improve your baby’s sleep habit.

Move the furniture

Try not to place furniture close to the crib. Your baby can use the nearby dressers or side tables as leverage to climb over the crib. It is best to place the crib’s back and one another side against the wall so that only one side is open.

Should you move them to the bed?

Generally, babies make the switch from crib to bed at any time between 18 months and 3,5 years old, ideally close to 3 years of age.

So unless you have tried all the above yet the situation doesn’t improve and you checked most of the signs down below, you can find ways to move your baby to bed:

  • You have more important priorities for your child to give them freedom, like potty training.
  • You need the crib soon for another baby, or you are worrying about jealousy issues in children for letting them wait long.
  • They can’t fit in the crib anymore, which rarely happens since cribs and toddler beds are made the same size nowadays. But if you have a compact crib that your child is getting uncomfortable with, it’s time to give them more space.

Prevent potential injury

Even if you have done all you could to keep them within the crib, it is never a waste to prepare for the worst: they are out.

Toddlers are more active and it is surely more dangerous for them to get around the room unsupervised. Here are things you can do to toddler-proof the nursery:

  • Bind all the furniture to the walls
  • Secure window treatments
  • Cover all electrical sockets
  • Remove all objects that pose a great risk of choking and strangulation in infants like drapes, cords for blinds, and so on.
  • Keep everything that can poison your child out of their reach, things they can potentially put in their mouth.
  • Try to see if your baby can hit their head anywhere sharp at their height and take action accordingly to prevent that.

The bottom line

In the end, try to give appropriate and necessary actions for your child but more importantly, embrace all of their growing and development stages. Share your own experience on how to stop 2-year-old from climbing out of crib with us or let us know if any tip is helpful to you!

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