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Are you looking for the best crib ever to give to your baby as a perfect present? Congratulations! This post is for you. We will tell one of the most well-known brands – Babyletto and its awesome model. Keep reading our Babyletto Gelato crib reviews until you feel satisfied before taking this crib home.

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Babyletto Gelato 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

” Smart design, high quality, elegant frame, durability, and safe materials”

Product highlights:

  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Transitions from crib to toddler bed and daybed
  • Included toddler bed conversion kit
  • Finished in a non-toxic
  • Made with solid New Zealand pine wood

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Babyletto Gelato Crib Reviews: Features

The Design

The design style of the Babyletto Gelato model is quite the same as its mini version. No matter how big you want the crib to be, the manufacturer always makes sure that their products are easy to use thanks to their lightweight feature.

If you want to get your baby a gorgeous traditional-modern crib, this model is perfect. The crib is well-designed but in minimalist style and you will feel a bit of Scandinavian spirit in it.

As usual, the crib offers you smart spindles. These rounded posts are helpful for your child to hold on and easily stand up. Moreover, the proper distances among each spindle will help your baby feel more comfortable when sleeping as the fresh air can flow smoothly in and out. Your babies will not sweat or be upset due to the hot temperature.

With the crib’s low-profile design, you can effortlessly put your babies to sleep or pick them up. You can also lower the mattress position by adjusting four different levels to assist your kid in learning to sit or stand. Furthermore, the manufacturer designs the crib with the standard size, so when you want to replace the old mattress, you can easily find suitable parts.

There is no need to worry about the space in your house when taking this crib home. With its elegant frame, the crib doesn’t take much space and will be a splendid addition to the room. Your kid still can enjoy peaceful and comfortable moments in the crib.

Theme And Colours

The Gelato also has a playful theme with its customizable feet and rounded posts in many different colors, so that the crib can match any nursery pallette.

Additionally, for the aesthetic and the safety of your kid’s hands, the manufacturer hides the hardware construction to make all the visible screws disappear on the exterior. As a result, the crib will have a smooth surface and a polished look.

Also, with the crib from Babyletto, there are available color choices and configurations for you to customize the interior décor. Besides, with the conversion kit, you can change the crib into other forms like a daybed, toddler bed, or twin bed. As you can see, in the long run, this item will bring you lots of benefits.

The Convertibility

Kids always grow very fast, and many parents struggle to buy new beds for their children and to find ways to get rid of the old ones. However, with this special crib, you will solve the problem.

Firstly, if you and your partner are frugal people, you will save a lot of money from buying this Babyletto Gelato crib. Your child will use this crib until they grow into a preadolescence period. When it’s time, all you have to do is use the convert kit to introduce your kid to a whole new bed.

Secondly, as the crib stays for a long time in your house, there will be lots of priceless memories for you and your child. Needless to say, this is a perfect gift for your baby.

Another feature of this incredible crib is that you can replace the feet. As time flies, the quality of the feet will get worse due to the pressure. However, unlike other cribs or beds, when the feet break, you don’t have to buy the new bed or struggle to fix the legs.

The Safety

When it comes to products for kids, health standards are very important. With a famous brand like Babyletto, there is nothing to worry about! Their top priority is your little angel’s safety.

The company always makes it very clear and proudly shows customers their certification. All Babyletto products successfully exceed national and industry standards as the company carefully build their strict program to control the quality.

There are very few brands that pass the Greenguard gold certified tests, and Babyletto is one of them. The manufacturer uses renewable New Zealand pine wood so that your child will sleep and play in a healthy environment.

Moreover, they create a process of painting with multiple steps and nontoxic materials with no lead or phthalate; hence, this Babyletto product helps protect clean air for your healthy home.

The Instructions

Babyletto company pays lots of attention to the feedback. They care how comfortable customers will feel when bringing their products home and setting up.

Therefore, their instructions are very detailed, simple, and easy to follow. The document inside the package will show you all steps until you finish building a perfect crib for your kid. The pictures for illustrating the crib’s part are thorough in making sure that users make no mistake.

Buying Guide

babyletto Gelato

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Sadly, although convertibility is the highlight of the Gelato crib, you not only have to buy some extra mattresses in advance but also have to buy the conversion kit separately.

Normally, when babies reach 35 inches, you need to make the larger bed show up by using the tools to give them a better space for sleeping and playing.

To protect the development of kids’ bones and muscles, you should buy thicker mattresses than the 1’’ one from Babyletto. You may feel they are a bit firm, yet, according to scientists, they are good for your baby. The thickness of the mattress should be within 5 inches for proper temperature for the child’s back.

Quick Rundown


  • Use for infants and toddlers.
  • Four different levels to adjust the mattress.
  • Outstanding design
  • Meets and exceeds every safety standard
  • Easy to pick up or put the baby down
  • Interchangeable feet


  • Need to buy conversion kits before the transition
  • Quite expensive

Why Do Parents Love Gelato Cribs?

babyletto gelato 4 in1

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Babyletto Gelato is one of the best brands on the market. Many parents want to own this crib because of its convenience. It can keep it even when their kids grow so fast and are not infants anymore.

The crib will not disappoint customers with its look. Thanks to the crib’s smart design, high quality, elegant frame, durability, and safe materials, parents will instantly fall in love with it.


1. What size crib mattress should you buy with Babyletto Gelato?

Any standard size crib mattress at least 51.625 x 27.25 inches and no more than 6 inches thick should fit the Gelato Crib.

2. Can you use the Gelato crib without the feet?

The feet of the Gelato crib are screw-in, so yes. But we don’t recommend using this crib without the feet as it is not safe in that way.

3. Can you switch the wood color legs to other ones?

Yes, you can switch out the leg color to another one. But you need to spend a little money. Click here to choose the color you love.

4. What is the distance between the side slats of Babyletto Gelato?

The distance between the side slats of this crib is 2 inches.

5. What is the weight maximum on this Gelato crib?

The weight capacity of the Gelato when converted would be the toddler bed 50 lbs and the full-size bed 500 lbs.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy our article and have more information about Babyletto products. Through our Babyletto Gelato crib reviews, you will have a closer look into this amazing item and be more certain about getting one for your little angel.

Please feel free to ask us questions or share your wonderful experiences with this crib by leaving comments in the section below.

Thank you, and see you soon!

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