Babyletto Harlow Crib Reviews: How Good Is It?

The Harlow Convertible Crib calls for the new stylist with clear slats aesthetic, providing decor furniture without fault or flaw. It also creates a nice combination with your baby’s room.

This model expresses a contemporary style and equipped conversion kit, enabling you to turn from crib to toddler bed to daybed during your baby development’s early stages.

Components such as the base and frame are made of good pine wood quality plus the support of Greenguard Gold certification guarantees the product is healthy for indoor spaces.

Our Babyletto Harlow Crib review gives all you need to consider before your purchase.

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Babyletto Harlow Acrylic 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

” Beautiful, lightweight, easy to assemble. Love it.”

Product highlights:

  • Unique acrylic slats on a contrasting solid wood platform
  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Transitions from crib to toddler bed and daybed
  • Included toddler bed conversion kit

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Babyletto Harlow Crib Review: Features

Modern Style

The chic Harlow crib offers you an extensive visual aspect of babe built with clear acrylic slats tending to contrast to a sturdy wood architecture.

Health Insurance

The Harlow has passed testing within a period under potential chemicals and imposed rigorous emitted elements standards. In other words, it receives Greenguard Gold Certified and acts as a factor conducive to a healthy environment, and you can bring up your baby in a clean door house.

Adjustable Platform

The Harlow is characterized by its 3-in-1 convertibility capability to make physical transformations. In other words, crib changes from a toddler bed to a daybed, involving high – quality conversion kit, toddler bed rails, and more. The modesty parts and adjustable mattresses facilitate the infant born before a couple of weeks of gestation to sleep.

Safety material

Babyletto adds the extra layer to confirm its safety. A Babyletto product is under a non-toxic painting procedure that the expert found it phthalate safe to handle. This is also the reason why it significantly exceeds ASTM International and earned certification issued by U.S. CPSC technical standards.

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Supportable New Zealand Pipe Wood Material

Primary material includes acrylic and New Zealand pine wood encourages renewal adaptation and maintains the crib in unaltered condition. Our contrasting platform ensures no visible screws or bolts are seen on the furniture exterior.

Four Crib Mattress Condition Fit

The Harlow sets the standard size for Babyletto crib; your baby room is advised to be equipped with a Pure model of safe material that prevents allergic response and eco-friendly design mattresses. You can also place your area in a household set apart for the use of a baby with the Babyletto Hudson 6-drawer dresser.

Pros And Cons


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  • Considered non-poisonous chemicals and resistant to catching fire.
  • ASTM and U.S. CPSC standards
  • Non Complex setup option
  • Weighs relatively little


  • Lack of bassinet for infant and necessary cradle attachments

Buying Guide

Confirming which is the ideal crib is a difficult process. Our crib guide here is to help shorten the process of your purchase decision. Babyletto features, including physical design and potential risk protection, thereby eliminating the doubt of your final decision on crib purchase.


The dissimilarity of the nursery line lies in their size and shape. The settings vary depending on whether it’s a small area or a full nursery room, commonly finding your crib with specified qualities suitable to your living space.


There are various versatile features available on the crib market. The ability to fold into another form, together with the adjustable and easy-to-carry mattress level, serves as an added convenience to the crib, making the parental period more enjoyable.


Cribs convertibility enables the crib to endure beyond the early period of the baby and even into childhood. There are a variety of three options of conversions, which are 2-in-1, 3-in-1, and 4-in-1 style.

The popular 2-in-1 mini cribs adapt for a specific use that you can convert into a twin bed, making your baby’s childhood as simple as possible. The Babyletto Gelato Mini is recommended in this case as it has this convertibility and can turn into a twin bed when the baby proceeds to transition.

Full size 3-in-1 cribs are preferable in toddlerhood because it can be completely converted into a toddler bed and daybed.

The upgrading 4-in-1 conversions are designed for the baby’s growth stage, especially when your young child is learning to walk. These cribs, such as the Babyletto Palma crib line, can switch a toddler bed to a daybed or full-size bed.

Mattress Heights

Interchangeable mattress height gives you a clear view of certain conditions where your baby is safe in bed. Cribs come in different varieties and are offered with varying levels of the mattress to adjust to each baby’s stage.

Parents always have the problem of getting a crib fitting to a small space; mini cribs and portable cribs are excellent choices in that case. Otherwise, with a full bedroom, Babyletto with four mattress levels stands out from the crowd since it packs various functions into one crib.

The mattress level should be adjusted to the highest level for infants as they enjoy laying and don’t do many activities. Undergoing transitions from an infant to toller, your baby needs a lower mattress level matching their progression.

Why Do Parents Love Harlow Cribs?

Babyletto Harlow-crib

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Many couples appreciate the sturdy parts of Harlow cribs that allow them to put all parts together and have a final lightweight crib. You can test the crib by moving it from side to side or up and down to check for conformity, and this crib is still in shape and even quite substantial without a break.

Each time, parents can adjust the mattress height to the highest by adjusting the bases.

It is said that this crib has a degree of excellence, which includes soft, sturdy pine wood; it is also an easy task to put all the pieces together. Besides, you can place adjustable foam mattresses onto the bassinet. All parts click into place reliably.


1. How thick is the acrylic of the Harlow crib?

The thickness of the acrylic is 3/4 inches.

2. Does the acrylic hard to clean or keep clean?

No. A warm cloth and soap will keep the acrylic sparkling.

3. Does the acrylic slats on both sides or only one side?

Babyletto Harlow has acrylic slats only on the front side. The sides and back are wood.

4. What size mattress fits the Harlow crib?

You can choose any standard full-size crib mattress at least 51.625 x 27.25 inches and no more than 6 inches thick.

5. What is the maximum weight of Babyletto Harlow?

To ensure your baby’s safety, you should stop using it as a crib when your baby begins to climb or reaches 35 inches.


A crib of usefulness is a smart option when you have a specific intention to welcome your child. Babyletto offers you various selections to go for the size with the safety standards that enable you to have a state of rest during the time you’re keeping your baby the whole day.

So far as that is concerned, it’s possible to find a crib appropriate for your budget and penchant for something even though it is good for your baby with Babyletto. Our Babyletto Harlow crib review offers you a good choice to pick up specifically prepared on special occasions for your baby.

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