Babyletto Hudson Vs Gelato: Which One Is Better & Why?

Currently, on the market, there are quite a few types of baby cribs for sale in both offline and online stores. However, it is not easy to choose a good enough crib for your child at an affordable price.

This Babyletto Hudson Vs Gelato Reviews can help you find the right product and answer your questions regarding the features and performance of Babyletto Hudson Vs Gelato.

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Quick Comparison

SIZE 53.625 x 29.625 x 34.875 inches 55 x 31 x 35.25 inches
WEIGHT 54 lbs 41.5 lbs
DESIGN modern design basic design
MATTRESS full-size crib mattress full-size crib mattress

Difference between Babyletto Hudson vs Gelato

Both of these cribs come from the same brand and share many similarities. However, there are still main differences between them, creating advantages for each product.

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Hudson possesses modern design VERSATILE. This is the style of design that makes Babyletto’s trademark. Its rotating shaft allows Hudson to change his physical state flexibly. Meanwhile, Gelato only has a basic design with a crib frame that is not too flexible.

Additionally, the sizes of both of these baby cribs are almost identical (approximately 52 inches in length). However, the Gelato has a more significant advantage due to its optimal weight. Specifically, you will want to own a 41.5-pound Gelato crib rather than a crib like Hudson with more than 50 pounds, simply because the lighter weight indeed makes the Gelato crib easy to be transported from room to room.

Convert ability


One of the other typical differences between these two cribs is the ability to convert. Gelato can transition between 4 different states. Each state is suitable for young children at various stages, from birth to toddlers.

This also contributes to the proof of the year-to-date durability of this crib. You even save a lot of money by not having to invest in a new crib to replace a baby crib when your baby grows up.

Slightly worse, Hudson can only provide a maximum of 3 transition states, namely the lack of a toddler bed state. This makes this version of Hudson a little less attractive. But with the remaining features, it is more than enough to appeal to all customers, even the most demanding ones.

The similarity between Babyletto Hudson vs Gelato

There are quite a few similarities between these two products that can make you extremely impressed with the same brand.


Babyletto Hudson
Babyletto Hudson

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If you are wondering about the safety of the wood material, the paint material, and the manufacturing process of this product, you can be completely assured. Both of these two products are certified with almost absolute safety for babies.

They are all qualified for the Greenguard gold certification. This is essentially a product test with more than 10,000 different toxic chemicals, and both of these Babyletto products pass quickly. This certification contributes to proving that both products can create a healthy environment and help your baby grow as quickly as possible.


Babyletto Gelato
Babyletto Gelato

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Not only that, both of these products are qualified with ASTM International and US CPSC safety. Overcoming this stringent standard fence proves that the paint and the pine that the company uses do not pose any danger to your baby.

More specifically, the manufacturer has chosen New Zealand pine wood, which is exceptionally flexible and sustainable, to get the lowest cost while ensuring quality.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Thus, in terms of advantages, Gelato owns a design with the optimal conversion capacity of 4 steps compared to Hudson’s 3 steps. Besides, this crib is much lighter than the usual crib in the same segment, of course including its brother, Hudson. On the contrary, Hudson only seems to have an advantage with the optimal design for short parents, which Gelato cannot satisfy.

On the downside, since they come from the same brand, these two cribs have some of the following problems:

  • The price is somewhat more expensive than the same crib as other brands. However, this difference is not too large if you consider the branding factor and strict production process of a large company.
  • Installation is relatively difficult for newcomers or people who do not understand the technique. In other words, you’d better need the manual provided by the manufacturer to complete the installation.

Buying guide

Here are some notes for parents when shopping for cribs:

  • One of the most important points when buying a crib for a baby that you need to consider is the size of the crib. Many cribs on the market today leave quite large gaps between the mattress and the crib However, this can be quite dangerous when your child can get stuck on the fingertips or catch any part of the body in the narrow gap.
  • You’d better go with the mainstream mattress, which comes with the manufacturer’s crib instead of trying to use additional types of the extra mattress of your taste.
  • You also need to pay attention to the crib’s design. To ensure the safety of the child, you should not choose cribs with many sharp patterns on the inside of the crib. The simple cribs in the design should be given more priority.
  • The barriers should have a small enough distance (2 3/8 inch) from each other so that the child cannot reach the outside, nor should it be too small for parents to see the child from all sides.
  • Mattress material must be sturdy and fill the crib
  • Better yet, get a crib that has different levels of status customization. This feature will be of great help to you. Instead of having to use 3-4 different cribs, you only need 1 one to save space.
  • Make sure the crib is sturdy enough to withstand the child’s fuss as it gets bigger.
  • You will also need to re-wrap all screw heads, if any, to minimize risk to your child. If the crib has wheels, you also need to make sure it can be locked if needed.


1. Is the Babyletto Hudson or the Gelato easier to assemble?

Both Hudson crib and Babyletto Gelato have a modern and simple design so they can be easy to assemble. Also, you may not need the support of someone else, you can do it by yourself.

2. Which crib among Hudson crib and Babyletto Gelato is more popular?

Babyletto Hudson crib is the most well-known crib from Babyletto. It has more searches, reviews, and customer ratings than Babyletto Gelato.

3. The Hudson crib or Babyletto Gelato is safer?

The two cribs are GREENGUARD Gold certified. Furthermore, they are both meet or exceed the US CSPC and ASTM international safety standards.

4. Which crib is easier to put the baby in and take out?

Both Babyletto Hudson Vs Gelato are low profile. In addition, they have adjustable mattress highs so you will not face any problem while placing the baby. Even if you are a short mother.

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5. What mattress should I get for Hudson Vs Gelato crib?

Any standard mattress would be appropriate as these two cribs are of similar size.


Here are all our reviews of Babyletto Hudson Vs Gelato. Each product has its strengths and is made for a different audience. We hope we have provided enough information so you can figure out which crib is right for you.

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