Babyletto Hudson Vs Lolly Comparison: What You Need To Know

As one of the most famous brands in manufacturing baby cribs, Babyletto offers a various selection of cribs. Whether it is mini size or convertible at full-size, you have them all.

Among all the best-selling models this year, the Babyletto Hudson vs Lolly seems to be the best convertible cribs with 3-in-1 functions. Here are some comparisons between these two.

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Quick Comparison: Babyletto Hudson vs Lolly

SIZE 53.625″L x 29.625″D x 34.875″H 53.625″ L x 30.25″ D x 35.25″ H
WEIGHT 54 lbs 50 lbs
DESIGN robust gently curved
MATTRESS standard size standard size
LATEST PRICE Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

Features Of Babyletto Hudson vs Lolly


Low profile

Both options are great for short moms with their low profile features. This feature will be less likely to cause back pain for petite moms as they do not need to struggle in placing the babies over the rail.

If you are wondering about their safety reason, you will not need to worry as the low profile caused by the short of legs instead of the rails on the side. So, don’t be afraid that your kids will escape from the cribs any time sooner or later.


Among the priority criteria of Babyletto, safety is at the top. Hence all of their cribs material is eco-friendly and without toxic, which has been certified as gold criteria of Greenguard.

It means that Babyletto Hudson and Lolly are away from more than 10,000 toxic chemicals and less in emitting toxic to the environment indoors. Moreover, the producer also completes all the painting process with non-phthalate, non-lead, and non-toxic chemicals.

Hence on the safety criteria, both Hudson and Lolly are quite the same. You can have static versions of cribs without movable parts or drop sides. Originated from pinewood of New Zealand, both of these cribs are wonderful non-toxic cribs for your child, with many options for color.

Also, the slats space of this crib is exactly 2″ that is smaller than the maximum regulated space being 2 ⅜“. So you do not need to worry about the safety of your baby.

Other than that, Hudson and Lolly cribs also meet all the standards required by the American Society for Testing and Materials as well as the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

So with whatever crib you choose from, Hudson and Lolly must be the top pick for safety reasons.



Featured by the design of the mid-century, Hudson has many options for colors including white, grey, espresso, wood, and slate, or the two tones version like grey with white, white with espresso and wood color with white.

As a result, you do not need to care about how to match it with other furniture. In case you plan to have other furniture from Babyletto, you can pair this crib with a dress changer or a double dresser with a 6-drawer from Hudson.

Meanwhile, for Lolly, you will have fewer options for color with four options, including the combination of natural wood and black, grey, white, and navy blue. You can pair this crib with a three-drawer dress changer and a 6-drawer double dresser.

Forty-eight spindles make the open design of Hudson and Lolly with 16 spindles for the long side and 8 for the short one. With this, your kids might feel comfortable with the airy and light crib. You can also watch them from many different angles.

These two 3-in-1 convertible cribs allow you to transform into a bed for a toddler or daybed by removing the guardrail as your kid outgrows. This will be a wide investment as you do not need any additional purchase later.

You can especially convert Hudson crib into a junior bed with the additional purchase of a kit for conversion.


Supported by a metal spring, Hudson and Lolly mattress is strong and available for air circulation. You can adjust the mattress height in four positions, with the highest option going for infants. It is essential to lower the mattress down at the time your child is learning to crawl or to sit.

A note for you that the cribs pack does not contain the mattress. As a result, you will need to buy one separately. It is optional that you can choose the one from Babyletto or not. For the perfect fit, you have the Babyletto option of non-toxic Pure Core mattress covered by Hybrid Waterproof.

Pros& Cons



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  • Having friendly design
  • Multi-functional with the use when your kids grow
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Offering many colors options
  • Adjustable mattress in 4 levels
  • Containing toddler rail
  • Solid construction


  • The possibility of support of mental mattress appearance for the light-colored model at high positions



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  • Usable even when your baby growth
  • Packed with conversion parts
  • Requiring smaller space than a normal crib
  • Having a low profile
  • Meeting all safety standards on the materials and design
  • Sturdy for any conversions
  • Allowing mattress adjustment


  • Possibility of initial paint smell for the first few days
  • Quite of a high price compare with other cribs

As you might find out now, Hudson and Lolly have quite the same specification and features. The main difference between these two is their legs shape and the option for the color.

Buying Guide

The question now is which cribs you should choose?

Well, as mentioned above, the benefit of having a Babyletto crib, you should pick up one in high-quality and safe materials. You need to make sure that the bed you pick is granted a safety certificate from competent authorities like the American Society for Testing and Materials or the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

It is also important to pick cribs in a good design. You want your kids’ room to have a great look, right? If that is the case, then you should choose the one with its color nearly the same or harmony with the decoration nearby.

Last but not least, price is always a problem. However, you should have a look in the long term. Indeed, for Babyletto, you must pay quite a larger amount of money for one product. But, as these products are long-lasting and even convertible once your kids outgrow, you can save much money in the long run.


1. Is Babyletto Hudson and Lolly difficult to assemed?

No. Both cribs have a simple design, so you can easily assemble by yourself without any help.

2. Babyletto Hudson or Lolly? Which is safer?

All of Babyletto’s furniture is safe with your baby as they meet all safety standards. Additionally, they have GREENGUARD Gold certified which guaranteed a healthy environment for your baby to sleep, play, and grow.

3. Babyletto Hudson or Lolly? Which is more popular?

Babyletto Lolly is a great crib but in terms of popularity, Babyletto Hudson is the champion. It is the best-selling product of Babyletto.

4. What is the weight limit of Babyletto Hudson and Lolly?

We recommend that you should stop using the Babyletto Hudson and Lolly once your child starts climbing or reaches a height of 35 “.

The weight limit is 50 lbs for toddler bed conversions. And the weight limit is 500 lbs for full-size bed conversions.

Some Last Words

That is all essential information about Babyletto Hudson vs Lolly. You might now have your own decision on which one suits your need the best. You do not need to worry about the quality of cribs from Babyletto. Are you ready to buy one? Hope you have the best time with your beloved baby!

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