Babyletto Maki Crib Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

Parents would love to have a Babyletto crib. But there are several models on the market now. One of the best ones is Babyletto Maki Crib. If you are searching for the best baby crib for your baby on the Internet, the chances are that you came across read Babyletto somewhere.

This article will give you the briefest Babyletto Maki Crib review. Are you ready to get more info about this fantastic product?

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Babyletto Maki Full-Size Portable Folding Crib

” Not only is it easy to be folded and moved along the house, but it is also lightweight and consumes little house space”

Product highlights:

  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Transitions from crib to toddler bed
  • Included toddler bed conversion kit
  • Made with solid New Zealand pine wood
  • Finished in a non-toxic

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Babyletto Maki Crib Review: What are the Main Features?

Material and Design

This Maki is well built from the Newzealand pine wood. The material is considered a sustainable wood thanks to its fast-growing characteristic. Pinewood can also last long and perform very well in shock-absorbance.

Babyletto focuses a lot on minimalizing their designs, and the Maki crib is not an exception. The Babyletto Maki can steal the spotlight because of its sleek and modern design. Each crib’s geometric line stands tall to protect your baby against falling or crawling out of the crib.

There are three color options for Maki design, namely Grey, Washed Natural, and White. All of them are basically neutral colors that will not go out of fashion.

This item marries the traditional open design with modern colors, allowing the Maki to steal the whole spotlight whenever it appears.

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This item is foldable as Babyletto markets. Although the item’s dimensions are 53.63 x 29.38 x 37.25 inches (LxWxH), you can fold the item to let it through nearly all doors’ sizes.

This allows you to fold and bring the item with you whenever your family is on the go. The item’s size after being folded will not consume too much space; it is only 53.63 x 29.38 x 8 inches (LxWxH).


Babyletto Maki is equipped with small wheels underneath. So, you can move the item anywhere inside your house quickly. Thanks to the removable wheels, you will find it easy to change the Babyletto wheels to the new ones if you want.

Babyletto also equips the Maki wheels with a locking system. Therefore, the item will not slide away easily. Once you lock the wheels, the item will stay perfectly in place. The item wheels are rubber, which will leave no trait on the floor when you move it.


Made from pinewood, the item can stay with your family for a long time. Designed for convertibility, this item can protect your baby even when he/she grows up as a toddler.

With some simple steps, you can turn this baby Maki crib into a toddler bed. When your baby is no longer fit for the crib, you can convert the crib into a bed for them. This will help save an amount of money. The weight limit for this toddler bed is 50 pounds.

Greenguard Gold Certification

Because the product is made for your baby, a careful look at the product’s chemical-related certificate is necessary. Babyletto Maki is certified with the Greenguard Gold.

This item has passed the test of over 10,000 chemicals. Basically, this means the item will create a healthy environment for your family, especially for your baby to sleep and play. It is totally safe for your kids.

What are the Pros and Cons of Babyletto Maki?

babyletto maki crib

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  • Sleek design with three neutral color options
  • Sustainable material
  • Excellent foldability
  • Removable rubber caster wheels with locking system
  • Convertibility into a toddler bed
  • Lightweight
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified


  • No mattress included
  • Uncomfortable odor when unboxing

Portable Crib Buying Guide

The chances are that you have struggled to figure out the best portable crib for your baby. Even when you finish the above content, you still find it confusing. So this part, we will give you some quick tips to find out the best crib.

Safety tests and certifications

First of all, it is necessary to check what tests the product has passed and what certifications it has achieved. It will ensure safety and health protection for your baby once your baby is exposed to the product. Furthermore, this means you should check carefully what materials the crib is built of.

Foldability and portability

Secondly, you should double-check the crib’s capability for foldability and portability. Because you are looking for the best portable crib, these are the important factors you need to consider carefully. If the product is somewhat heavy or difficult to fold, skip it. You do not want to waste so much time understanding this mechanism.

It would be best to look for a model with rubber wheels for the portable cribs as they will not ruin your floor. If they are equipped with wheels, try to look for mid-sized wheels with a good locking system.

Design and usage

Another thing to pay attention to is the crib’s design and usage. Purchasing a crib with a trendy design might make you lose interest when the trend is over. Instead, choosing a traditional crib with basic color is worth a try because it cannot go out of fashion quickly.

If you want a crib that can go with your baby for a long time, you probably need a 2-in1 crib that can be easily converted into a toddler bed. This will help you save a sum of money once your baby outgrows the crib.

Why Babyletto Maki Crib?

Babyletto Maki review

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Yes, there are multiple crib brands with numerous designs and functions. But the Babyletto Maki Crib is still worth consideration even if Babyletto has different models.

Babyletto is a US brand that will ensure you about the safety and health standards. This is because the US requires child-related products must meet some strict health standards. And The Maki is among the first models that are certified with the Greenguard Gold.

This item gives excellent performance in foldability and portability. Not only is it easy to be folded and moved along the house, but it is also lightweight and consumes little house space. Regarding the design, no one can outdo the Babyletto Maki. This Maki model combines the vintage crib look with basic colors.


What would be the mattress size I should get for this Maki crib?

This item is a standard full-size crib, that will fit any standard full-size crib mattress that measures about 28 inches wide and 52 inches long. We recommend you should buy the crib mattress under the Babyletto brand with is the same brand as this crib.

What is the depth of this item when folded?

The depth of the Maki crib when folded is 6.5 inches, so you can easily store it under the bed or anywhere.

Is it possible to move this item from room to room without folding the crib first?

The Maki can be moved from room to room if the doorway less than 30 inches wide. If not, it needs to be folded to get through the doorway.

What is the height of the spring frame to the top of the front rail in the lowest and the highest position?

The height of the spring frame to the top of the front rail is 26.25 inches in the lowest position. And the highest position is 15.375 inches.

When should I stop using this item?

You should stop using this item when the child begins to climb or reaches 35 inches.


After reading the Babyletto Maki Crib review, you probably have made your decision. In case you want a full-size crib with portability and convertibility, Babyletto Maki Crib is the best option available on the market for all the features and sleek design.

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