Babyletto Modo Vs Hudson Crib: Which One Is Better?

It will probably take a long time to choose which crib to buy for your baby, considering various factors. A dream crib has to be convertible, safe, nice-looking, and worth the money.

As Babyletto understands all those wishes, their products always give the best value to their customers’ spend. Out of several cribs available, Babyletto Modo vs Hudson is the two most popular with outstanding characteristics.

Yet, if you find a hard time deciding which one to buy, carry on reading our comparison below.

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Quick Comparison: Babyletto Modo vs Hudson

SIZE 53.13″ x 29.88″ x 34.75″ 53.625″ x 29.625″ x 34.875″
WEIGHT 59.52 lbs 54 lbs
DESIGN open, slats open, spindles
MATTRESS full-size crib mattress full-size crib mattress
LATEST PRICE Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

Features of Modo vs Hudson



The two models have a slight difference in the dimension due to different frame designs, yet they all follow the standard size cribs regulated by the authority.

Babyletto Modo and Babyletto Hudson have the same length and width, which are 54 x 30 inches. However, with a height of 35 inches, the Hudson appears to be a bit higher than its rival- 34,5 inches.

With that height, these models are the best choice for short parents. They can easily lay down or pick up the baby without suffering from back pain or troubles.

On the other hand, if you are tall, you may find that 35 inches are a bit too short compared to the other standard cribs (42″ – 45″). Still, you don’t have to be worried as this matter can be fixed by lowering the mattress settings.

Speaking of their weight, they both score 54 pounds- the possibly lightest available to find in the market. With this amount of heaviness, it is more convenient for you to move the crib around to any position.

Babyletto is also very generous with buyers in the maximum recommended weight for the crib. They allow the limit up to 50 pounds, which is more than enough for clients to use for their babies.


If you want to go for a crib with a little retro vibe, the Hudson model is the one for you. It is a combination of a mid-century modern look and a hint of retro appeal. It also comes with rounded spindles, which gives the crib more of a classic and elegant European style.

Meanwhile, the Modo one brings a traditional U.S. appearance since all the spindles are replaced with the slats. If you worry that the quality will change based on the material, you don’t have to, as both spindles and slats have the same strength.

Moreover, these two also have different foot designs. The Modo’s feet design is rectangular, while Hudson’s one is rounded, matching the overall designs.


The Modo appears in 5 color variations for you to choose from: a mix of espresso and white, pure espresso, pure white, grey, and grey mix with white.

On the other side, The Hudson one comes in 8 different color choices: grey, slate grey, grey mix with white, espresso, espresso mix white, white, caramel, and caramel mix white.

If you’d love to have more variety in choosing which crib to buy, the Babyletto Hudson wins in this case.


Safety is a priority when it comes to making cribs for babies. And, Babyletto has always followed that priority as the Modo vs. Hudson features all the safety facts below:

  • Both are sturdy, steady, and have no moving parts.
  • These models meet all the U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards.
  • These cribs are non-toxic since they all have been through a non-toxic multi-step staining and painting process with phthalate and lead safety.
  • Modo and Hudson also have a GREENGUARD Gold certificate, ensuring that they do not cause pollution in indoor air. Both of them have passed the test of not containing over 10,000 VOCs and chemicals believed to pollute indoor air.
  • Suppose you are looking for an eco-friendly crib. In that case, these two fit perfectly since the material made them is all solid New Zealand pinewood – one of the most sustainable and renewable woods available.

Conversion styles


These models are 3-in-1 convertible cribs, which means that you can get three beds in one package without spending any more money. Apart from the normal crib, they can also transform into a toddler bed and daybed.

One of the pluses for these two is they come with a safety guardrail for the toddler bed, which is often sold separately. Moreover, the Hudson model has one more option for buyers as it goes with a Junior bed conversion kit to transform it into a fourth bed – a junior one.

Mattress Information

Despite a slight dimension difference, they are both fits for a full-size crib mattress. A standard full-size crib mattress has to be at least 51.625 x 27.25 inches and no thicker than 6 inches.

Both of them have four adjustable mattress positions, so you can set the height according to how your baby grows.

Pros & Cons

Babyletto Modo


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  • A well-made crib
  • Three convertible ability (crib, toddler bed, and daybed)
  • Great value for money
  • Four adjustable mattress positions


  • Hard to attach the toddler rails
  • No teething guards included

Babyletto Hudson


>>>Buy on Amazon


  • Four options of transformation ( crib, toddler bed, daybed, and junior bed)
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Four adjustable mattress positions.


  • A little expensive

Buying Guide

Picking a perfect crib out of a thousand available is a hard job, and we are here to back you up. Here are some criteria that we think will help you in choosing the right crib:

  • Safety is the priority as it will relate directly to the infant.
  • It would be best if you also considered the durability and convenience in daily operations.
  • The mattress has to be soft, cool, and comfortable since it can determine how long your baby’s sleep is.
  • The crib’s size should also match the conditions and the size of your baby. Plus, it has to fit with your bedroom’s criteria.


1. Which crib is easier to assemble? Babyletto Modo or Hudson?

Yes, both Modo or Hudson is a modern and simple design that is easy to assemble. Even you can do it by yourself without the help of another person.

2. Babyletto Modo or Hudson crib is more popular?

Babyletto Hudson’s baby crib is more searches, reviews, and customer ratings than Modo. Furthermore, Hudson also is the best selling of Babyletto. So, Babyletto Hudson is popular than Modo crib.

3. Babyletto Modo or Hudson crib is safer?

Both cribs are a safe choice as they meet or exceed US CSPC and ASTM international safety standards. Besides, both are GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning all materials have been tested for over 10,000 chemicals and pass the most stringent emission standards.

4. Babyletto Hudson vs Modo crib is suitable for short moms?

With adjustable mattress positions and short height design, both Babyletto Modo or Hudson is suitable for short moms. You should have no problem while put in or take out your baby.

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5. Where are Babyletto Hudson vs Modo crib made?

They are manufactured under the highest standards in Taiwan.

In conclusion

After reading this post on Babyletto Modo vs Hudson, we hope you can have a clearer vision of their features to decide which one is better. Plus, you can also base on the pros and cons listed to be more sure of your decision.

Good luck with your choice. Thank you for reading.

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American Society for Testing and Materials

Consumer Product Safety Commission

GREENGUARD Gold certified

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