Babyletto Origami Mini Crib Review in Great Details

The growing population in big cities has forced many young couples to move into a less spacious apartment where they have to give up the comfort of fancy furniture. With less room available, they have to look for more compact-sized furniture with great portability.

The worry continues when they have kids and cannot afford a room for their baby’s bed. Considering such concerns, Babyletto has come up with its origami mini crib, offering couples a brilliant solution!

Refer to our Babyletto origami mini crib review to get more insights into this product!

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Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib with Wheels

“Babyletto Origami mini crib is a solution to space-saving issues that many modern couples encounter”

Product highlights:

  • The foldable frame and removable locking caster wheels
  • Greenguard gold certified
  • 2 adjustable mattress positions
  • Made with solid New Zealand pine wood
  • Finished in a non-toxic

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Overall Details

  • Dimensions: 36 Inches (H) x 25.7 Inches (W) x 39.2 Inches (D)
  • Material: Pinewood
  • Weight: 49.6 pounds
  • Features: Separate mattress, foldable frames, adjustable height
  • Safety and security: locking wheels, non-toxic and lead-free finish
  • Color: white, black, natural, grey, lagoon, petal pink
  • Suggested age: new-born and above

What kinds of features does Babyletto Origami mini crib offer?


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Feature details

The Babyletto product is a must-purchase item for modern families with infants. The portable mini cribs are a perfect choice for an urban lifestyle or an alternative for care spaces.

As a fit for urban living households, Babyletto mini crib acquires a modern design and size. Its foldable frame and removable locking wheels offer easy storage and handy portability.

It has smooth-rolling wheels that slide nicely even on carpets come with a locking mechanism to stand while having the baby in. The mini item is hence an excellent alternative to a bassinet or Moses’ basket.

You will find it easy to adjust the crib with its low-profile frame and two adjustable mattresses’ positions. Getting the baby to sleep now is much more simple and convenient.

With minimalist design in solid New Zealand pinewood, the crib can easily go with any in-design decorations of your apartment. It also helps protect the environment as the material offers great sustainable abilities.

What impresses users more is the mini crib’s safety and security features. Considering that infants have such weak immune systems, the item come with the standard qualification that guarantees your baby’s safety.

Babyletto Origami exceeds ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards for the non-toxic finish and lead-free paint. More than 10000 chemical tests have been carried out for the GREENGUARD Gold certification to ensure the crib’s quality before going on sale. For that, the product leaves no strange odor, creating a clean-air environment for your baby’s development.

Pros and cons


  • Great portability with rolling wheels and foldable mechanism
  • Flatten ability to store under other furniture
  • Safety standard qualifications
  • Minimalist design
  • Sustainable material
  • A great alternative to a bassinet


  • Slightly higher price
  • Limited longevity

What to notice for a perfect Babyletto Origami ?

To make sure that you bring home your most favorite portable crib on wheels for your home space, there are a few things to take note of while going shopping.

Although every crib goes through a quality check before going on sale, it is crucial to check for each of the details in case of minor mistakes. Elements to examine include wheel smoothness, joint flexibility, locking mechanism, support mattress, and mattress materials.

Babyletto Origami comes with rolling wheels. Therefore you should test the smoothness of these wheels on the floor surface. The joint flexibility is another thing to look at to ensure all locking and foldable mechanisms work excellently.

The support mattress is also of extreme importance. It would be best to pay attention to the support mattress size of the item, which is 37″ x 23.5″ for the Babyletto product.

When deciding on the mattress, you have to make sure that it fits every inch of the support without leaving any space at the corners. The mattress material should be soft but dense to avoid skin irritation and sagging under the child’s weight.

Why do parents love Babyletto Origami cribs?


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For modern families living in cramped spaces in the cities, the Babyletto Origami crib offers a great solution to space limitations.

The Babyletto product can move around anywhere with its smooth petite wheels, saving you the hustle of moving heavy furniture. Parents can also fold it neatly thanks to a flattening folding mechanism that enables it to be stored under the bed or on the wardrobe’s top when not being used.

Eco-friendly materials and safety standard qualification are other things helping it gain parents’ trust. With young children, it’s important to use products that pose no harm to their weak immune systems. Therefore, Babyletto has made sure that its product is toxic-free and odorless for the baby’s development.

Elegant colors and minimalist designs are also a huge plus point. With medium height, Babyletto Origami is also the best baby crib for short moms.

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How long can you use a Babyletto mini crib?

The advisable amount of time for using this mini crib is 12 months. However, it also depends on your baby’s development as to whether or not your baby will still feel comfortable sleeping inside. If your child quickly outgrows the crib, the product’s longevity may be less than 12 months.

What is the best mini crib mattress?

In case you are pondering upon many mattress options available in the market, Babyletto does have its mattress product called “Pure” to go with the mini crib. All you have to do is look for the store location or simply to order it directly from Babyletto’s official website.

Is the assembling process difficult?

The item goes with detailed assembling instructions upon purchasing; therefore, there’s no need to worry about the construction process. It should be easy for you if you follow each step correctly.

Is it easy to move the crib through the doorway?

The answer is yes. With its compact design and wheel support, you can easily move it around the house to anywhere you find suitable.

What is the height limit for the mini crib?

Often, children who reach a height of 35” won’t fit the size of this portable mini crib anymore. When he outgrows the crib, he can easily climb out of it and face the potential risk of falling and hurting himself. Therefore you should pay extra attention to this problem.

Last Words

Our Babyletto Origami mini crib review has come to an end. Being a deal for its innovative design and safety standards, Babyletto Origami mini crib is a solution to space-saving issues that many modern couples encounter.

With the useful article, we provide you here, we hope that you have caught up with enough information to make your final decision.

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