Babyletto Origami vs Gelato: Which One Should You Buy?

As parents, we all want to give the best things for our baby. That includes creating a safe, loving, and cozy environment that will be their future home for many years. Therefore, designing a nursery is one of the most exciting and stressful tasks to do when preparing your baby’s first room.

A sweet wallpaper, adorable toys, and sleek furniture places are all the things you need to consider for preparation. One of the most important subjects is taking care of the baby’s sleeping crib.

There are so many types of cribs with different features and designs that can create confusion for parents. So, let us give you some suggestions through this Babyletto Origami vs Gelato review.

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Quick Comparison between Babyletto Origami Vs Gelato

MODEL Babyletto Origami Babyletto Gelato Mini
SIZE 39.2 x 25.7 x 36 inches 39.75 x 26 x 35 inches
WEIGHT 49.6 lbs 39.6 lbs
DESIGN Mini Portable Crib with Wheels Convertible Mini Crib
MATTRESS Mini crib mattress Mini crib mattress

Babyletto Origami vs Gelato: Features

When mentioning baby cribs, one name has to be raised: Babyletto. Under the management of Million Dollar Baby Co. with a strong history of making the best baby crib, Babyletto was created in 2010 with the ambition to create safe, economical, and eco-friendly products with a touch of the minimalist style.

They offer a wide range of cribs, from mini cribs to convertible ones that are durable and stylistic. Besides their best-selling Babyletto Hudson, Origami and Gelato are two popular models that many parents choose for safe and durable baby cribs. One is a mini portable, and one is a mini convertible, which one should you choose? Here’s our overview of these two amazing products!

Design and Size


Overall, we can see a similarity in size already. The mini-Origami and Gelato has a size of 39 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 36 inches in height. At this size, it is recommended to use for children under two years old only as they cannot climb outside of the crib.

This size is perfect for modern families with an urban living style where there is not much nursery space.

The design of both baby cribs is standard baby cribs made of New Zealand pine wood, a sustainable material. When we look into details, there are slight differences in color and design. Origami comes in multiple colors that allow you to choose the best one matching the room’s furniture. The design of Gelato is more minimalistic as there is only a washed natural and white color to choose from.

However, an aesthetic bonus touch is added to Gelato as there are hardly any hardware construction footprints on the product, while you can find a visible lock for a foldable frame at two sides of the Origami crib.

Suppose you’re concerned about how safe each of them is. In that case, you can be assured that they both meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard and the U.S Consumer Product safety standard. They also use a non-toxic, lead, and phthalate safe paint to color the crib that emphasizes a dedication to your baby’s safety.

The cribs are also Greenguard Gold certified, which helps reduce indoor air pollution and chemical exposure. These tests show an effort to create a safe and friendly environment for babies to sleep, play, and grow.


Now that we have gone through the exterior let’s get into the function and perks that each model possesses.

What the Origami and Gelato have in common is adjustable mattress height. This function is necessary for any baby crib as it can use it longer than a normal crib. Our babies constantly growing every day. They can sit and stand after only 7 – 9 months. Therefore, this function helps you adjust the mattress lower as they grow to still sleep without falling outside.

Although these Babyletto products may look similar to each other, they may surprise you with their different perks. For Origami, design and function’s purpose seems to focus on an urban lifestyle where everything is smartly fit, flexible, and tidy.

That’s why the Origami crib has two new features: Portable rolling feet and a foldable frame. The rolling feet help move the crib effortlessly from place to place. And the foldable frames allow you to keep it in storage easily and safely.

Regarding the Gelato mini crib, it is more suitable for a wider space. The reason is that Gelato is not just a normal crib. It is a 4-in-1 convertible one.

That means it can easily transition from a crib to a daybed and toddler bed with its attached toddler bed conversion kit. You can even turn it into a twin bed with a full-sized twin bed conversion, which is sold separately.

Knowing our children’s fast growth, the Gelato gives your children a great time to stay in their familiar zone until they are bigger. For parents, this Gelato is a durable and economical choice as well.

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Babyletto Origami vs Gelato: Pros and Cons

Babyletto Origami


>>> Buy on Amazon


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Four locking casters for foldable frames


  • Harsh stickers on the crib
  • Heavy pieces for putting together

Babyletto Gelato


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  • Nice balance and curves
  • Able to use for babies and toddlers


  • Ambiguous assembly instruction
  • A wide gap between each slip

Buying Guide

Now that you have read all about the comparison of Babyletto Origami and Gelato features, have you know which one is suitable for your newborn baby yet?

Hardly anyone knows what they will get to décor a nursery room. As those first years of our babies are important to their development, we always worry about the safety and comfort of our children’s growing environment. When getting a crib, parents need to choose the products suitable for their home.


When choosing a crib, one of the most important things is the size of the crib. A mini size crib is great for small nurseries, and you can keep one at grandparents’ house for visiting trips. On the other hand, a standard crib fits beautifully in a large shared room.


Baby cribs can have various functions rather than just a sleeping place for our babies. They can have rolling wheels and adjustable mattress height for you to handle any situation easily.

You can move the crib effortlessly if you need to change the nursery room. And adjustable mattress height is excellent adaptability to the baby’s growth. You can find four levels of adjustment on a full-size crib and two levels for a mini crib.

Another function that many parents love is convertible cribs. You can use it longer and save a lot of money by buying different beds to fit your children’s size.

Safety standard

Safety is the most crucial factor when it comes to buying cribs. It would be best if you always looked for a safety standard certificate when buying a crib to ensure the product’s practicality.

A certificate from the ASTM international standard or U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission is popular as many crib manufacturers want to achieve.


What is the Babyletto product warranty?

Normally, a Babyletto product will have a warranty of one year from the date of purchase. If there are manufacturer defects or errors, you can bring it to an authorized Babyletto retailer to fix it for you at no cost.

How to clean the Babyletto Gelato and Babyletto Origami cribs?

Cleaning cribs are easy to work that only take you around 30 minutes.

Firstly, you need to remove all items from the cribs. Secondly, wash the mattress in hot water and rinse it with baby-friendly soap.

While drying out the mattress, you can scrub the crib by using an infant friendly cleaning detergent and a sponge. Lastly, let the crib air dry completely before putting items back.

How to maintain the Babyletto cribs?

Keeping the crib safe and usable is necessary to take care of your children properly. For maintenance, you need to check these objects regularly, such as fasteners, casters, teething rails, and mattresses, to see if there are any missing or broken parts and replace them as soon as possible.

Do you need to get a special crib if you travel a lot?

If you need to travel constantly and there is no one to take care of your baby, you can get some travel cribs in the market that are easy to transport and allow you to set up a sleeping place anywhere. However, it is not as sturdy and comfortable as the normal cribs.

How long should you use the cribs?

It depends on when your baby is fully grown out of the crib. Usually, many parents would switch to bed when their babies are 18 to 36 months old to get used to a new sleeping style.


Having a new member in the family can be exciting and stressful simultaneously as you want to provide the most caring and safest environment for your children to grow healthily. That’s why baby cribs are so much developed and flexible to adapt to your family lifestyle.

As a parent and consumer, you need to know which one is suitable for your children and home space. We hope after our Babyletto Origami vs Gelato review, you will have your choice by now. A crib is one of the first objects that your baby attaches to, so make it the best choice you’ve made!

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