Babyletto Scoot Vs Hudson Crib: Which One Is Better & Why?

Babyletto is one of the most famous brands in the field of baby crib production. The products of this brand always create high reliability and long service life. It also ensures safety and convenience.

The article on Babyletto Scoot Vs Hudson Reviews below will provide an overview comparison between the two, thereby helping you answer your concerns.

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Quick Comparison between Babyletto Scoot Vs Hudson

MODEL Babyletto Scoot Babyletto Hudson
DESIGN Retro Modern
SIZE 54 x 30.3 x 35 inches 53.625 x 29.625 x 34.875 inches
WEIGHT 59.7 lbs 54 lbs
MATTRESS full-size crib mattress full-size crib mattress

Feature Comparison between Babyletto Scoot Vs Hudson



The Scoot bed has the overall dimensions of 54.25 x 30.63 x 35 inches. This is the size of a standard crib to fit a wide range of young children, from big boys with outstanding weight to smaller girls.

Furthermore, you can also replace the mattresses easily since the standard sizes are always the most produced and most popular. However, its structure does not allow it to move too much due to its heavyweight and complex system.

Meanwhile, the Hudson is another standard version of the Babyletto brand with roughly the same dimensions as its rival – 53,625 “x 29,625” x 34,875 “and a smaller weight of 54 lbs.

This crib is more notable because it has a design that extends to the sides, so you can place it anywhere in the house you want, from the corner to the center. The advantage of this design style is that it helps you to observe the child better.

Another difference between the two products is that Hudson has eight color options, and the other has only four colors.

Ability to convert


These two cribs are almost identical to each other, and none of them are indeed superior to the other. They are both convertibles into baby beds and standard daytime beds.

The only difference, if any, lies in the conversion method. According to many consumers, the Hudson crib can switch faster thanks to the neat structure and fewer parts.

Conversely, you will take more manipulation steps to complete the transformation with the scoot bed. However, this difference is not so significant.

So, you can consider product selection based on your budget. The Hudson crib costs about $ 100 more than the Scoot Crib.


This is also one of the essential criteria when choosing a crib for children. Babyletto is a brand that focuses on the safety of children. This is reflected in their solid design style and the guarantee of quality standards in their products.

Since they come from the same brand, these two products are both safe and reliable.

Specifically, they do not have any moving parts such as wheels or foreign objects in the crib. Even all Babyletto products have passed the international standard fence and CPSC certificate in America quickly.

If you are concerned about the crib material’s toxicity, the manufacturer does not disappoint you, as all of their cribs are made of Newzealand pine, including the two.

We all know this pinewood from Oceania country is famous for its toughness and durability. Its price is also cheap, suitable for forming cribs, easy to process. Babyletto has also confirmed that its paint and dyeing process does not contain harmful compounds to the baby’s body.

Most notably, both of these products are GREENGUARD Gold certified, proving the safety of your indoor air pollution. They also demonstrated the successful pass of both products with the 10000 toxin and VOC tests. So, if you care about environmental factors, both can satisfy you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

babyletto hudson
Babyletto Hudson

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Babyletto Scoot has many advantages to compete with products in the same segment. Specifically, you will have more space to use your blankets, and their height is enough to ensure that short parents can use them comfortably.

You also have an attached drawer at the base of the crib. This drawer is handy as it conveniently holds many infant items.

This crib’s reliability is also appreciated than the Hudson version because it can be disassembled and moved many times. The stiffness of crib legs is also much better than other cribs of the same price range.

Meanwhile, the Hudson crib is famous for its durability. Many parents say that they raise both of their children but only have to buy a Hudson crib once. In other words, this crib’s durability will last for many years and saves you quite a large amount of money.


Together from the same brand, both of these cribs have a few notable weaknesses:

  • Installation seems quite difficult for many people. It will take a certain amount of time to get used to the building, and sometimes it is not easy for even professionals to complete this task quickly. Moreover, it also does not have a specific guide to help you achieve the job better.
  • The price of a regular Babyletto crib will be higher than that of other companies. This, while a disadvantage initially, is beneficial in the long run because it is sustainable enough for many years.

Buying guide

Babyletto Scoot
Babyletto Scoot

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Choose basic designs

The simple cribs are always the safest ones. Babies can quickly contact foreign objects or sharp points if they are in cribs with complicated designs. Young children can also get clothes entangled in those parts, which can cause some unnecessary accidents.

Should buy new

If you have a good enough budget, you would be better off buying a new crib for your child. Most old models from 2015 and earlier do not meet quality, safety, and convenience.

However, even when you buy a new one, be careful to bring a ruler to easily verify some specifications such as the distance between the rails, the crib’s length.

Construction inspection

A solid crib must have a solid construction, and rails must be firmly inserted into the crib body. More importantly, the crib’s stiffness should be large enough and withstand great external forces.

You need to check the rails carefully by trying to lift the rails one by one for inspection.


The above Babyletto Scoot Vs Hudson Reviews article is a full summary of comparisons related to both of these cribs’ features and pros and cons. We hope you will gain a lot of useful information and choose the right crib for your conditions through this article. Good luck!

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