Babyletto Crib Review: What Are The Best-rated Cribs?

An excellent crib makes raising children an easy task for parents. Babyletto Cribs can even function more than that. Not only does it provide your kids with a safe and comfortable place to sleep but also it’s a nice piece of furniture added to your home decoration.

Our Babyletto Crib Reviews aims to get you some expert guidance for purchasing the best crib, so let’s go!

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Babyletto crib quick reviews

Product image Product name Editor's rating Price
Babyletto Hudson 4.9 See lastest price
Babyletto Lolly 4.8 See lastest price
Babyletto Scoot 4.8 See lastest price
Babyletto Mercer 4.7 See lastest price
Babyletto Maki 4.7 See lastest price
Babyletto Harlow 4.6 See lastest price
Babyletto Modo 4.6 See lastest price
Babyletto Origami 4.5 See lastest price
Babyletto Gelato Mini 4.5 See lastest price
Babyletto Jubilee 4.5 See lastest price

About Babyletto crib brand

Launched as an eco-friendly crib brand in 2010, Babyletto products are well-known for their modern looks, with a touch of European retro style. This Million Dollar Baby’s sub-brand provides parents with the safest and affordable furniture for their children, especially baby cribs – their most popular product on the market! With the price range from $350 – $650, this is the best modern crib brand available!

Why do many parents love Babyletto cribs?

The Babyletto brand is widely recognized among parents. The fact that you can buy low profile modern cribs for just under $400 is the key-driven for parents’ purchasing.

Several Babyletto furniture in solid or two-tone finishes is a perfect option for household decoration as they’ll never go out of style. Plus, the brand aims to create a product that lasts with your child from infancy to toddlerhood and even more. Isn’t it everything that parents look for at a crib?

In-deep reviews on the 10 most popular cribs of Babyletto

1. The Hudson


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Hudson 3-in-1 baby crib is one of the Babyletto line’s best-sellers.

Featured with the iconic round design, the product is a versatile choice for the modern nursery. The 4 adjustable mattress positions help your work with a newborn a lot easier.

The key selling point of the Hudson crib is its ability to transition from crib to toddler bed and daybed, which means you can use it until your baby reaches 50lbs in weight.

Along with this longevity and multiple color options, a toddler rail that comes along with the package makes it more loveable for parents! With the safety reputation of the Babyletto brand, Hudson could be the safest option for smart purchasing.

What we love

  • 4 level adjustable mattress and 35” height
  • Versatile modern design and free toddler rail
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified for baby’s safe
  • 3-in-1 convertibility

What to improve

  • Some customers found the wood material is poor quality
  • Unclear instructions make it difficult to set up
  • Paint is easily chipping off

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2. The Lolly


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When talking about the Babyletto brand, safety came first. With non-toxic and phthalate-free finishes, this is a clever choice for modern families to protect your kid’s sleep.

With its beautiful round spindles and multi-color selections, Babyletto Lolly makes your nursery place shine within a second. Mix and match with both retro and modern style, it’s hard to ignore this rising star in Babyletto cribs’ line.

To keep up with the growth of your children, the Lolly crib comes with four adjustable mattress positions and 3-in-1 convertibility just like a Hudson one. The toddler rail is completely free and the product assembly is really easy. This helps to save a lot of money compared to buying a new bed.

What we love

  • Adjustable mattress position and 3-in-1 convertibility
  • Playful design and multiple colors
  • Guarantee to baby’s safe
  • Free toddler rails included

What to improve

  • The mattress might not perfectly fit
  • Paints chips might off easily

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Best Cribs with Nontoxic

3. The Scoot


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Babyletto Scoot has become better and better known as an excellent choice for stylish parents over the past years.

With a toxic-free two-tone finish, this cradle has been receiving great trust from parents to provide a perfect nurturing environment for their children. It’s also a 3-in-1 convertible crib, which features a toddler rail for free. You can use the Scoot until your kids weigh 50lbs without tossing the cribs away.

In terms of functionality, Scoot crib isn’t much different from Hudson and Lolly. But it’s a little cheaper.

What we love

  • 3-in-1 convertibility with free toddler rail
  • Mid-century modern style
  • Safe for your babies with a non-toxic finish
  • Compatible with a junior conversion kit

What to improve

  • Some parts could break during delivery
  • Not ideally for climbers

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4. The Mercer

babyletto mercer

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If you are short of nursery space, Babyletto Mercer is next on your list!

Mercer is like all other Babyletto’s cribs with a safe guarantee and 3-in-1 convertibility come with the free toddler rail. It also has 4-level adjustable mattress settings. Use the highest setting for newborn babies and as they get older, lower this level.

The coolest thing about Mercer is the under-crib drawer for additional storage. You can keep diapers, quilts, and other small things for your babies here. A perfect choice for small places!

What we love

  • 3-in-1 convertibility with free toddler rail
  • Big under-crib drawer
  • One of the most affordable Babyletto’s Crib
  • Safe for your babies
  • 4 mattress positions and easy to change

What to improve

  • Complex instructions
  • Be careful about your kids teething on cribs

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5. The Maki

babyletto maki

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In our Babyletto crib reviews, Babyletto Maki is the best full-size folding crib on the market. It has everything you’re looking for in a modern design for your home furniture.

The Maki is essential for your stylish nursery with its clean and unisex design that suits both girls and boys. Featured with removable wheels and a foldable lightweight frame, even the smallest space can fit this crib so don’t worry about the storage.

Not only foldable, but the Maki can also easily transition from crib to toddler bed – an additional point for purchasing as there’s rarely another product on the market that can do both. Along with 4 adjustable mattress positions, Maki can be utilized even when your kids grow.

What we love

  • 2-in-1 convertibility and 4 adjustable mattress positions
  • Removable wheels
  • The frame is foldable and lightweight for easy storage
  • Modern and unisex design
  • Safe for your babies

What to improve

  • Not suitable for climbers or tall child
  • A little pricey

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6. The Harlow


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Want to keep track of your child playing inside the crib? Babyletto Harlow is considered the best option for you.

The Babylletto Harlow crib is a 3-in-1 convertible one with a unique looking design. The slats on the front side of the crib are made of acrylic. This clever feature offers parents an unobstructed view of their little ones in the crib.

However, this one isn’t an all-acrylic crib. For your baby’s safety, Harlow is a perfect combination of a wooden base and acrylic slats. It provides enough sturdiness to carry on your kids from infant to toddler. Together with 3-in-1 convertibility and 4 adjustable mattress position, Harlow will be the one to last with your kid’s childhood.

What we love

  • Acrylic slats provide a clear view of kids
  • Ultra-modern design
  • Cheaper than other products in acrylic line
  • 3-in-1 convertible
  • 4 adjustable mattress position

What to improve

  • Acrylic slats are broken a bit easier than woods
  • Low-profile so it’s not ideal for tall kids

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7. The Modo

Babyletto Modo

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Recently, the Babyletto Modo crib is popular among young parents. Why? Because it’s extremely affordable and worth the price. Can anyone ignore a crib that is the same as any 3-in-1 convertible crib but $100 cheaper than Hudson one?

For young parents with a low budget, Modo is their life-saver. Modo’s design and functionality are quite the same as Hudson’s. It’s 3-in-1 convertibility that can transform into a toddler bed later with a free toddler rail included. Modo design also has 4 adjustable mattress positions that fit with any standard mattress size.

There’s one thing that is slightly different from Hudson: Modo crib has rectangular slats and a different leg design. In case you want to know, Hudson one goes for the round design. However, no matter what the design is, a Modo crib can ensure the quality and safety for your kids as well as long lastingness.

What we love

  • 3-in-1 convertibility with toddler safeguard rails included
  • Strong square feet with rectangular slats
  • Geometric solid timber and modern design
  • Cheap and sturdy
  • 4 adjustable mattress positions

What to improve

  • Sometimes the interior width is too wide for standard crib mattresses
  • Paint chips easily

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8. The Origami

babyletto Origami

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We do have a full article about Babyletto Origami Mini Crib for your more detailed information. But if you want some short and precise information for consideration, we’ll take a tour through this portable mini crib of the Babyletto brand.

As its name suggests, Origami is designed for urban living with a foldable frame and removable locking caster wheels. Beneath the crib, there is space of about 6 & ½ inches for your baby’s stuff. It helps to free up a little space in your nursery.

As described above, the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is an excellent solution for moving tasks. With its “mini” size of 25.6 X 33.5 X 39.2 inches, you can transport it between rooms without disassembling it. Parents now can travel with your kids as you can make easy movements with the cribs.

Featuring 2 adjustable mattress levels, the Origami mini crib is great for your newborns up to 18 months. A lot of parents love the collapsible idea of Origami!

What we love

  • Portable crib with foldable frames and removable locking caster wheels
  • Excellent moving solutions
  • Space-saving and modern design
  • 2 adjustable mattress settings
  • A safer alternative for bassinets
  • Beautiful and sturdy construction

What to improve

  • The included mattress is quite thin
  • The crib is just ideally suited for small children

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9. The Gelato Mini

babyletto gelato mini

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Among all the 3-in-1 crib products of Babyletto, Gelato Mini 4-in-1 convertible crib stands out to be the most appealing furniture to have in your nursery decoration!

A 4-in-1 convertible crib isn’t usually produced, but the Gelato does have that function to be converted into a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full-size bed later as your kids grow up. Amazing, right? The Babyletto brand did make the game big with this 4-in-1 product!

Gelato aims to bring joy and versatility into a small nursery space without compromising on style! This mini product is designed with 4 adjustable mattress height and removable legs so even the shortest mom can use it easily. It’s suitable for a newborn to beyond 18 months.

Longing for a crib with sturdiness and longevity? Searching for a crib that grows up with your kids? Want a smart and money-saving option for a baby’s sleeping? You can find it all in one Gelato crib.

What we love

  • A 4-in-1 convertible crib that can turn into a full-size bed
  • Modern compact design for small places
  • Safe for you and your little angels with a non-toxic finish
  • 4 adjustable mattress levels
  • Reasonable price with toddler rails included

What to improve

  • The full-size bed conversion kit is not included
  • Some hinged bolts are on the inside
  • Complex instruction

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10. The Jubilee

babyletto Jubilee

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If you’re missing a luxury centerpiece in your angel’s room, the Babyletto Jubilee could be the vedette on your shopping list.

Jubilee is ideal for a glamorous nursery that combines slender lines, curved edges, and a high-gloss finish. This is the only product on our list that is made of plated metal so there’s no need to concern about the durability of the crib. Also, a quality polish finish helps prevent the color from wearing off like other product lines. Such a modern take on a golden oldie!

Besides, the low profile and 4 adjustable mattress positions help the Jubilee crib last with your kids just like any other Babyletto product. 3-in-1 convertibility converts the crib to toddler bed and daybed to save your money on buying a new bed for your toddlers.

With a safety guarantee from the brand reputation, no wonder Babyletto Jubilee could be an excellent addition to your kid’s place.

What we love

  • Made of plated metal for extra sturdiness and luxury
  • 3-in-1 convertibility and 4 adjustable mattress height
  • Modern golden design
  • High-quality and non-toxic polish finish

What to improve

  • Side rails are not adjustable
  • Toddler bed conversion kit is not included
  • Expensive purchasing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Babyletto crib is best?

In our opinion, the Babyletto Hudson crib could be the most ideal product for purchasing. The sophisticated and gentle design makes the crib fit in your nursery place well. Also, 3-in-1 convertibility and adjustable mattress featured at a reasonable price are the key selling point of Hudson crib.

2. Are Babyletto cribs safe?

The answer is yes.

All they are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means the cribs don’t have anything detrimental for you and your baby. Besides, the slats of these cribs have a perfect distance to prevent your baby from getting stuck.

Also, JPMA Certified, ASTM International, and U.S. CPSC Safety Standards help to build the reputation of Babyletto brand as the safest crib brand for kids.

3. Where are Babyletto cribs made?

All they are made in Taiwan and then imported to the US. For sure, it meets and exceeds all the U.S CPSC Safety Standards for a safe baby crib.

4. Is Babyletto Greenguard certified?

As mentioned above, all the Babyletto cribs are Greenguard Gold Certified. That certificate ensures that the product is tested for more than 10,000 detrimental chemicals and 360 VOCs. It’s safe for both parents and their angels.

5. Are Babyletto cribs easy to assemble?

Babyletto cribs assembly is easy with instructions delivered with the package. However, it requires some time and possibly 2 people to stabilize pieces while applying screws.

6. Are Babyletto cribs non-toxic?

All the materials, as well as the finish paint of Babyletto cribs, is non-toxic. The total amount of phthalates and lead contents in a Babyletto product is less than 1%.

7. Does the Babyletto crib come with a mattress?

Babyletto full-size cribs don’t include mattresses. Mattresses must be purchased separately in this case. However, their mini cribs come with a 1″ mattress pad.

8. Which mattress goes with the Babyletto crib?

Babyletto cribs are suitable for US standard mattress sizes. Hard mattresses will usually bring the most fitting feeling as they are not easily compressed.

9. What is the weight limit of the Babyletto cribs?

Because each child’s growth rate is different, so the first thing you should pay attention to is the child’s height. You should stop using the crib and convert the crib to a toddler bed when your baby starts to climb or reaches 35 inches.

10. How long is the Babyletto crib warranty?

Babyletto crib is warranted for 1 year from the date you purchase from an authorized retailer.

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Wrap it up,

In terms of quality, we and many other parents give Babyletto a thumb up. The idea of owning a modern crib coming with an affordable price is appealing to most moms and dads. If you want to have a dreamy crib with a safety guard, smart design for urban living, reasonable price, and great quality, our Babyletto Crib Reviews could help to make your mind with plenty of options.

Have you decided on your baby crib yet? And which one will come home with you? Tell us.

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