5 Simple Crib Hacks For Short Moms To Make Life Easier!

Your legs are sore from tip-toeing, your back hurts from bending over and your body always needs to push so hard every time working in the crib. You are in the right place, petite moms! In this post, we will be listing down all the crib hacks for short moms with details and a clear explanation. Hope it makes things easier for you!

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Useful crib hacks for short moms

Unless you can find and get a special crib designed for petite moms, there are only two options for you to not make it a nightmare to your back: getting taller or making the crib shorter. That is the basic rule of crib hacks for short moms which may sound a bit unpleasant but don’t worry, we have quite a few detailed tips for you down below!

Tip 1: Hack the crib

Hacking the crib is altering the crib components to your wish. This, as a result, may ruin the intended, original structure of the crib which first and foremost, we highly advise you to understand safety factors. Indeed, manufacturers don’t just make a crib the way it is out of the blue but instead, they follow strict safety figures.

When choosing a crib, make sure it is made of sturdy wood because it is much easier to be cut off at home compared to other materials. Likewise, wooden cribs are normally lighter to be moved around, which is definitely a lifesaver for short moms.

This tip, however, may not sound practical for those of you who have already bought your crib and you don’t want to get another one.

Tip 2: Make the mattress taller

crib hack

Let’s say cutting off your crib is a good idea but can get totally complicated and you may need to ask for external help. How about growing taller? Do you think it is even realistic to drink height growth milk at your age? Probably not the best option, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we got you covered! It sure is hard for you to grow taller but it isn’t for your mattress.

  • For adjustable cribs

Nowadays, manufacturers have been so thoughtful to design and make various height-adjustable cribs. What an invention for short moms!

These cribs can be adjusted accordingly to however high or low the mattress is placed in your crib as you want. So if you are uncomfortable bending over all the time, this is absolutely for you.

In case you are worried about how to use this type of crib yourself, there sure will be a manual included from your purchase. Ask your husband or any handy person to help you out, too!

It is crucial to know that when your baby grows up and starts moving around or standing up, you need to lower the height of the mattress so that the rail can protect your baby from falling over.

  • For non-adjustable cribs

If you don’t have adjustable cribs, you can still add a few inches of height to your mattress by tucking some pillows, blankets, or even books underneath.

In the case of putting pillows underneath the mattress, use soft yet not lumpy pillows so that the mattress on top of them won’t make any dents in the middle.

It will cause your baby so much discomfort to simply sink into the mattress whenever he lays down. Also, make sure the crib’s sides are secured that your baby couldn’t turn over or get stuck.

You can also fold a thick blanket or comforter then put it under the mattress to elevate it. The blanket surface will help your baby sleep better if it is even.

The last and probably least expecting objects are books. Yes, they can absolutely help. Choose big sturdy books that won’t slip (usually the ones with sturdy spines) and add another layer of a thin blanket in between to support the mattress on top.

Tip 3: Use a step stool

crib hack short mom

If adjusting the height of your mattress of tugging pillows underneath seems too big of a deal for you, a stepping tool may be what you are looking for because it still does the same job!

A stepping tool is surely a much simpler solution. However, not any short mama can get comfortable with it, almost like wearing 5-inch heels to bend over to hold your baby.

For moms who don’t have a great balance, leaning over at an unusual angle can lead to falling. You surely don’t want that while still having your baby in your arms.

If this is what most concerns you, we recommend using the non-slip aerobic fitness step. This product is specially designed to be laid down at various odd angles. You can also adjust the height of this tool from 3 to 8 inches. Genius!

Tip 4: Ask for help from your partner

Yes, indeed. Raising a baby is a shared responsibility from both of you. Your husband might be taller than you so why not ask him for help. Only if he is not at home then you can try all the tips above.

But if possible, refer to many reliable hands, not only to ensure your child’s safety but also to save you from discomfort.

Tip 5: Make the crib shorter (permanent solution)

If permanent solutions are what you are looking for rather than short-term tips and hacks, try making your crib shorter using removable legs or simply cutting them off.

  • Removable legs

This feature is available in a lot of cribs now to make life much easier for the short mom community. They are either plastic or metal legs attached to the crib that can be removed manually to match the user’s height.

  • DIY remove the legs

This solution is definitely the most extreme one and surely requires physical labor. Not to mention you may also lose all of your warranty benefits.

Understanding your crib legs, whether or not they can be removed is a crucial step. If removing the crib’s feet is impossible and you still want to cut them off, chances are you will end up with a dysfunctional or a broken crib.

Before removing the crib legs, mark them out to make sure they will be leveled once finished. Both your baby and you will never want a rocky crib, right?

For your safety, avoid doing this

Apart from all the notices that we have mentioned above in each tip:

  • Don’t hang off the edge of the crib. This might put both of you in a dangerous position. You are the one to always be stable.
  • Avoid harming yourself while leveling off the crib. Please do ask for help.
  • Be aware of the height of mattress levels when you buy a new crib.

Final words

Being short will make it much challenging but never an insurmountable obstacle for you to provide the best for your baby. It will just make you a stronger, more respected mother. We hope 5 simple crib hacks for short moms above are helpful to you. Share with us if you want to add anything out of your experience!

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