Does A Crib Need A Boxspring?

Boxspring is a common add-in to your bed that raises the height of the mattress and supports it underneath. You probably might think it will be just as necessary to your baby’s crib. That’s just what you think. Here is our answer to the question of “does a crib need a boxspring?”

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What is a crib boxspring?

Generally, a box spring is the foundation of your mattress. Boxspring is a metal or wooden box covered with fabric outside and is usually the same size as the mattress sitting on it.

Apparently, the boxspring raises the height of your bed for you to easily climb in and out. If the mattress supports your body, the box spring supports the mattress, which eventually ensures the durability of the mattress, too.

A crib boxspring is the exact same as any standard boxspring except that its size matches the mattress of your baby crib.

What does a boxspring actually do?

does a convertible crib need a boxspring

There are 2 main functions of a boxspring.

The first is raising the height of your mattress in the crib so that it is easier for you to get the baby in and out of bed, however, not until your baby is grown up because of safety reasons.

The second is supporting and sustaining the mattress by absorbing shock to reduce wear and tear on the mattress.

Advantages & disadvantages of a boxspring

To help you decide whether or not to use a boxspring for your crib, down here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of a crib box spring


Adding height

Most cribs have either wooden/metal slats, a wooden board, or criss-cross wires underneath to place the mattress on.

Usually, if you want to raise the height of the mattress for any reason, especially for cribs that don’t have the mattress height adjustable feature, a crib box spring can be your simple solution.

Supporting the mattress

Not only the crib box spring supports the height of the mattress, but it also supports its durability. Box spring can absorb all the shock from the mattress above and thus sustain the lifespan of the mattress.

Providing possible bounce

Although you may not find this feature easily nowadays, it used to be common in a lot of mattresses in the past. A traditional box spring that has spring coils inside will offer more bounce to the mattress above.

Improving the airflow

Box spring is usually hollow inside which will help cool down the mattress. So, if this is what you are wanting to do with your baby crib, the box spring can definitely be an option.



A lot of cribs aren’t made to support the weight of an added box spring. Therefore, to avoid unwanted damage to your crib, make sure to check this with the seller from the beginning.

Lack of support

Although the main function of a crib box spring is to support the mattress above, the ones without spring coils can only provide little support. Eventually, your crib mattress, especially a foam-based mattress can be sagging or indented.

Difficult to move

This may be a major disadvantage for standard box spring. For crib box spring, however, as it is only baby crib-sized, it wouldn’t be much of a problem

Does a crib really need a box spring?

does a baby crib need a boxspring

So after considering all the factors above, straight to the point, “Does a crib need a box spring?” or even “Does a convertible crib need a box spring?”. The short and simple answer is NO.

The reason is that the cribs are designed and manufactured with the intention that no box spring is needed. Therefore, unless you have to elevate your crib mattress for special reasons (for example, you are short parents, or that your crib can adjust mattress height but you want to,…), don’t waste your money buying a box spring for your crib.

What about the convertible crib? When you have converted your crib into a toddler bed or a full-size bed, you probably think you need a box spring just like your adult bed does.

But in fact, adding a box spring to your toddler bed may end up making the bed too high for your child to climb in. So compared to the little benefit it may bring, using a box spring to a convertible crib is not necessary.

Forget the boxspring, focus on the mattress!

By now, we hope to have cleared your mind about getting a box spring for your crib. To ensure your baby’s sleep, instead of paying too much attention to what won’t be likely to bring many results to you, focus on the mattress.

Picking a baby crib is in fact not the same as picking one for us adults. There are a lot of factors that should be put into your consideration as they are all crucial to your baby’s sleep and development. The main ones are mattress firmness, surface quality, fitness, and materials.

First off, firmness. Mattresses used for babies should be much firmer than ours, as they keep it safer for the baby and more importantly support the baby’s bones while they are sleeping. You can check whether or not the mattress is rated for infants when purchasing it.

Second, in order for the mattress to not have molded and not easily going dirty, which is harmful to your baby, make sure the surface material is waterproof. You can use a waterproof cover in case your mattress has a fabric surface.

Third, the mattress should fit the crib nicely, not leaving too much space that your baby can accidentally get stuck in. By “nicely”, we suggest you can put two of your fingers between the crib and mattress and it should be just enough space for that.

Lastly, there are currently many crib mattresses advertised to be made from natural organic materials that a lot of parents are keen to use. But the health benefits haven’t actually been fully proven yet.

The takeaway

To sum up, instead of wondering whether a crib needs a boxspring, making sure the mattress you use is in good quality and having all other safety factors checked will just do the same job! Hope you find this post helpful!