Dot A Tot In Crib: Is It Safe To Use DockATot In Crib?

Dock A Tot has such a special design that can offer a womb-like feeling to newborn babies. No wonder why parents love using them so much. But is it a good idea to put a dock a tot in crib? Today in this post, we will find out the answer!

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What is DockATot?

In short, a DockATot is a multi-functional dock that can be used for lounging, relaxing, playing, cooling, and cuddling. Apart from its huge variety of uses, a DockATot is easy to carry around, too.

What is special about a DockATot?

The main reason why parents love DockATot so much is that it gives a similar feeling of a womb to newborns. Sleeping in a DockATot brings them a snuggling feel-like, which is exactly what every newborn would want at the first stage of their life.

Another reason has to be its convenience and safeness. It is easy to pack up when traveling as you can add accessories to turn it into a playing yard for your baby.

All of these benefits make a DockATot an irreplaceable wingman for any young parent.

Will a Dock A Tot fit in a mini crib?

dock a tot

There are 2 types of Dock A Tot you can find in the market today: the deluxe and the grand dock.

The deluxe Dock A Tot is designed for babies under 8 months of age while the grand one is for tots between 9 to 36 months old. Therefore, the main difference between the two is their sizes.

The Grand dock is 50% bigger than the deluxe one in size, 48 inches in length, and 24 inches in width, with an interior dimension of 34×12 inches.

A Deluxe dock is 29 inches long and 18 inches wide (interior: 21×8 inches). But with the deluxe dock, you can unbuckle the tubes to increase their length by 5 inches.

If you have wondered about whether or not a Dock A Tot can fit in the mini crib. Mini cribs are generally 37-38 inches long and 23-24 inches wide. So, yes they can, but only the Grand size.

Can you swaddle baby in Dock A Tot?

A swaddled baby can be put in a Dock A Tot, but you should dress him properly according to the temperature of the room because swaddling and the exterior tubes of the dock can potentially make your baby overheat.

You should stop swaddling when your baby starts to roll around.

Can you put a Dock A Tot in crib?

Is Dock A Tot safe in crib? The answer is NO.

Dock A Tot is not suitable to be put in a crib, bassinet, cradle, or play yard. If you think since babies love laying in the DockATot and intend to place it in the crib, you should think about it again.

In your baby’s sleep area, there should not be any additional bedding, soft bedding like blankets, pillows or soft toys, stuffed animals. They are among the top suffocation hazards in babies, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Docks surely belong to the list for the same reason.

There have been many deaths relating to infants rolling during sleep and getting entrapped between the side of the crib and other soft products, like blankets, pillows, or comforters.

Placing a dock in a crib will highly likely be the same case. This is why a bare, object-free sleeping area is the best for your baby.

However, the grand dock can still be used on a toddler bed because a larger space is less likely to cause suffocation. But it should only be placed at a height that allows the child to safely move up or down on their own.

Has any baby died in a DockATot?

Unlike crib, bassinet, or play yard, in-bed sleepers don’t seem to fulfill any federal baby sleep safety criteria and thus are not safe to be used for babies. Consumer Reports have claimed that there were at least 12 infant deaths related to in-bed sleepers, including DockATot from 2012 to 2018.

Experts from the Consumer Reports still believe that none of these products are thoroughly safety-tested and meet the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep standard and other health organizations.

Manufacturers have yet to confirm that they should be responsible for their Dock A Tot deaths found by the investigation and that those incidents were caused by other factors. Many parents have decided to boycott them in the nursery with huge concerns about Dock A Tot safety.

Why is DockATot banned in Canada?


DockATot poses a great risk of suffocation and SIDS like any other soft bedding and comforters, which are never recommended to be put in a baby’s sleeping area. Health Canada has warned parents not to use DockATot for their babies without supervision, especially when the babies are sleeping.

A DockATot representative has said that they have followed the guideline from Health Canada to promote their products in the country and have never recommended the DockATot to be used for unattended baby sleep.

Safe alternatives to Dock A Tot

Here are some Dock A Tot alternatives that you can go for.

Pack n Play

Pack n Play can be much bigger than a Dock A Tot, and thus are not as convenient to be moved around. However, in terms of safety, Pack n Play is better as it offers you no worries to put your baby to either sleep or play in.

They are less expensive than a normal Dock a Tot with the same variety of accessories including toys and a storage compartment to better suit your needs.

Brica Fold n Go

A Brica Fold n Go is a travel bassinet that is quite light in weight and can be easily folded up or carried around. This bassinet is a top pick of those travel-loving parents.

This type of bassinet is a good replacement for the DockATot, even though they can be not as comfortable and can’t last as long as the DockATot.

Mamibaby Baby Nest

This product is probably the most similar to the Dock A Tot, which has almost the same design that can replicate the womb feeling. It is easy to be carried around and compared to the Dock A Tot, it is also more affordable.

The Mamibaby Baby Nest can also be unbuckled for extra space, but usually, when your baby has outgrown the nest or the baby is more than 12 months old, it’s time to move to a bigger sleeping space.

Wrap it up:  Is it safe to put Dock A Tot in crib?

In summary, it wasn’t what we were saying that all parents should stop using dock a tot, but using it under close supervision, as the DockATot is great advice. As always, your baby’s safety is the number one priority.