How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need For A Newborn?

They always advise us, to have more than one sheet in hand. But actually, how many crib sheets do I need? If you don’t want to buy too many sheets but just enough to keep the crib clean and comfortable on a daily basis, this post is for you.

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How many crib sheets do I need?

There is actually no concrete answer to the question as it totally varies from mother to mother. Based on how many times a week you do your laundry or how often you need to change the sheet for the crib, you can have from 2 to 7 sets.

If you need to change sheets every day then apparently you need up to 7 sets. If the frequency is down to once a week, then two sets will be just fine.

For moms who aren’t sure about the two above factors or have quite a different situation, 3 sets of crib sheets can be a safe, fit-for-all option.

Do Pack n Play need sheets?

Yes, absolutely. It is highly advised to have sheets for your Pack n Play because it will make cleaning a less heavy task for you, compared to cleaning the whole bassinet.

Using sheets for your Pack n Play also helps create a safe and comfortable bed for your baby. Usually, the materials used on the bassinet itself aren’t good for baby skin and thus can cause irritation.

Is it OK to use new sheets without washing them?

how many sets of crib sheets do i need

You may want to skip this step and go straight ahead to use your newly bought sheet. Although it is true that using new sheets without washing wouldn’t do serious harm to you, when it comes to your baby, it is wiser to simply wash your sheets first.

Sheets are made in factories and have gone through a bunch of places where you have no idea how clean they are. Usually, they will clump up and have wrinkles right after being made, so manufacturers will size them, which helps them look nice and clean on the shelf.

Sizing sheets involves using starch which is likely to cause irritation if the sheets aren’t washed fully before use. This has occurred in a number of adults, so don’t risk it on your baby’s skin which is much more sensitive.

Washing your sheets first is also a good idea to test it. Tears and holes or loose strings may appear for low quality or a flawed bed sheet after being washed for the first 2 times, which is a good time to take benefit from your return policy. So, throwing your brand new sheet in the washing machine first and foremost is a wise action.

How often should you change crib sheets?

Changing bed sheets frequently is one of the crucial steps to keep your crib nice and clean for your baby. Almost like us adults who need to change our bedsheets frequently, babies may need even more because of their sensitive skin, developing their immune system or simply, they are much more likely to dirty the sheets.

Babies spend a lot of time in the crib, especially those who aren’t moving yet. During that time, they can absolutely pee, vomit or drool whenever they want to. They may do it out of your sight, so if you spot a dirty or wet sheet, change it immediately. You don’t want to sleep on a dirty sheet yourself, let alone your baby, right?

For this hygiene practice to not put pressure on you, it is a good idea to have multiple bed sheets ready in hand. As we have said earlier, 3 is a safe number but you can buy more to not constantly have to wash sheets or be unprepared in case of emergencies.

Sick babies need more crib sheet changing

If you are all ready for the normal days then how about the sick days?

Sick babies will surely require more care and especially more sanitary in the sleeping area. It may be easy for you to overlook this step, but it is indeed just as important as to take care of the sickness itself.

Dirty sheets with germs and bacteria on them will definitely not support your baby’s immune system in fighting off infection and getting over the illness.

So even if your baby is having the slightest symptoms like a runny nose or a slight cough, you should change sheets every day until he is fully recovered.

How to choose a suitable crib sheet?

Crib Sheets

There are several features to consider when choosing a suitable crib sheet for your baby.

Comfort material

When it comes to material, make sure it is breathable and comfortable. Sheets that are made from 100% cotton are ideal for summer weather as it is light and cool to sleep on. Plus, they are non-allergic.

During winter months, materials like polyester, flannel, or fleece are good to keep your baby warm but they are not as breathable as cotton.


Cotton is better than most other materials in absorbing water and therefore is best to use for your baby not only in the summertime but also in general.


As you have already known, cribs come in different sizes and designs, so do the mattress. Standard crib sheets are about 52×28 inches while mini sheets are 38×24 inches. Simply measuring your own crib mattress size before buying a sheet is not wasted.


You want your sheet to fit tightly on the mattress rather than loosely or bundled up in the crib as they are suffocation hazards. Knowing your crib mattress size will definitely help to ensure this safety. Also, check the quality of the rubber bands.


Your sheet needs to be able to absorb the water (like sweat, baby drool,…) on the surface but at the same time not spread it to the mattress underneath. There is no point in using sheets when you have to wash the mattress all the time, right?

Therefore, sheets usually have a waterproof layer right underneath the surface, in between the sheet and the mattress. These sheets will be a bit more expensive so you can buy a separate waterproof mattress cover to save money.


Try to find sheets that have OEKO-Tex or GOTS, meaning they are organic. Organic products don’t involve using toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process and at the same time, are friendly to the environment.

Final words

So,  how many sets of crib sheets do I need? The answer is different based on your own specific routine of taking care of the baby crib. But all of you will have to keep the crib clean and free of dirt for your loved babies, especially during sick days. So any number of sheets that suits your routine will be good to go!