45 Tips For Keeping A Baby Safe Parents Needs To Know

When a child is born, parents come on a new journey, there are many questions when it comes to taking care of a child whether for the first time or even those with experience.

Why keeping your baby safe is very important?

As a parent, you have to face many hidden risks with a variety of challenges at all stages that can occur from newborn to infant to crawling.

Whether your children are awake or sleeping when they eat or play, you must keep an eye on safety hazards and wrestle with them.

We have to watch out for the baby but still have to keep them a safe space to learn, develop, and explore in the first years of life.

Here are a few tips to make baby safety easier that parents should know:

 Tips Keeping A Baby Safe Parents Needs to Know

12 Rules At Bedroom To Prevent SIDS

baby safety sleep

  1. Place your baby lie supine. This is the safest position for a baby to sleep, decreases the chance of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  2. Use a new crib not used because the used crib does not meet the requirements of the CPSC’s new crib standards.
  3. A firm mattress is the safest bedding, avoid having them sleep on waterbeds, sofas, or soft mattresses and you should choose the correct mattress size.
  4. Do not put anything in the crib or mattress, even soft, porous objects like soft pillows, quilts, comforters, blankets, sheepskins, bumpers even stuffed toys that can block their breath.
  5. Just share a room, not the bed. Co-sleeping can do more harm. It makes overlying, suffocation, or even death.
  6. Do not dress too much for the baby. Dress sleep clothing with no other covering. For an extra layer, a blanket sleeper or sleep sack is a safe alternative.
  7. A baby monitor is really necessary if you can’t keep an eye and ear on the baby and give you peace of mind. Using a baby monitor without cords is better if you do not make sure all cords, strings are out of reach of your child.
  8. Place your furniture and the crib in the nursery away from the crib far enough away that your baby cannot take anything.
  9. Remove mobiles and toys hanging above the crib when the baby can reach them.
  10. Install a cool-mist humidifier which is considered much safer for small babies than hot mist devices.
  11. Use pacifiers, but make sure they are cordless.
  12. Keep the temperature of the room between 16C and 20C and do not allow your baby to get overheated.

7 Ways Keep Your Child Safe In The Bathroom


  1. NEVER leave your child alone in the bathroom, even for a few seconds, always watch out for them.
  2. Throw away bathroom toys after a few months as they may contain mold.
  3. Cover the tub taps and knobs with soft covers
  4. Place a non-slip mat inside the bathtub and beside it to prevent falls.
  5. Install a safety latch on the toilet bowl.
  6. Check bath water temperature by hand or bath thermometer before let the baby is in.
  7. Never leave electrical objects near the tub where your child can pull the cord into the water.

4 Safety Tips I Got When Feeding Children


  1. Keep an eye on children while they are eating.
  2. Children should sit up straight when eating, not eat while walking, sitting in a car, or playing.
  3. Never give a child whole foods that may present a choking hazard. You should cut food into small pieces and thin, remove the seeds and pitted fruit.
  4. Clean and sanitize your bottles and feeding items then put them safely.

7 Tips When You Go Outside With Baby


  1. NEVER leave a child in a car alone for ANY time.
  2. Always wear seat belts.
  3. Buy a new car seat. Do not use a used car seat. They may expire and cannot be used again.
  4. Do not put your child in a car seat with heavy jackets or Coats. Just cover your baby with a blanket after you have secured their seat.
  5. Wear a wide-brimmed hat for the baby.
  6. Use safe baby sun cream to protect all skin, and body from sun and heat.
  7. 7 Do not take the baby outside in weather too cold or too hot, special from 10 am to 2 pm, when the sun does the most harm.

12 Baby Proofing Hacks


  1. Keep knives and other sharp objects out of reach or lock in a drawer or cabinets.
  2. Keep hot foods, and hot drinks out of reach and away from hanging close to the edge of a table or a counter.
  3. Keep household cleaning products, toxic substances, chemicals, medicine, or pills in cabinets, drawers, out of reach. Use magnetic locks or hair ties.
  4. Secure televisions, bookshelves, heavy furniture with seat belts to the wall to avoid tipping over.
  5. Install baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  6. Cover electrical outlets by using the plug-in safety cover for the socket-box cover.
  7. Hide the power cord behind furniture, under the carpet, or use a cover cord as long cords can cause the danger of tripping or choking.
  8. Unplug all electrical equipment when not in use and keep them out of reach.
  9. Protect your baby away from open windows and install window guards, window stops, wedges, or safety netting on windows.
  10. Block of heaters, radiators, and fireplace.
  11. Cover furniture with sharp edges or corners with soft bumper strips and corners.
  12. Place doorknob covers on doors will help prevent your child from going where they should not go.

3 Other Things You Might Not Think About


  1. Pets are very adorable and cute, but they always come with both fangs and claws. Therefore, do not leave a baby alone with pets.
  2. Be careful when buying toys. Find toys that are safe and appropriate for your child’s age. Avoid small toys that can choke children if swallowed.
  3. All small things need to be removed because babies almost put anything they can in their mouths.


To sum up, I have shared all the tips for keeping your baby safe. Lots of things to keep in your mind, but these are just the basics. Let your kids safe and healthy, you have to keep learning because even when your kids grow up, they’re still your baby, aren’t they?

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