10 Adorable Inspirations For Neutral Nursery Décor

There are plenty of vibrant colors for soon-to-be parents like you to choose from for their baby’s nursery. Therefore, any shade of neutrality seems to be a boring option. Contrary to popular opinions, neutral nursery décor can be a smart option when combined with suitable interiors.

The neutral interior design style also has many benefits. One perk of neutral nursery décor is its gender-neutrality, so it doesn’t matter if the newborn baby is a girl or a boy. Another advantage of a neutral nursery is its design flexibility. Neutral colors never go out of style, are easy to make alterations, and work well with other colors.

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10 Adorable Inspirations For Neutral Nursery Décor

Plant-inspired theme

neutral nursery decor ideas


The dark-colored wall contrasts nicely with the white baby cot. This combination alone may make the nursery seem lifeless. So, one of the interesting and trendy decor ideas is the inclusion of plants.

In this particular design, the presence of an olive tree and pictures of flowers on the wall bring so much life to this neutral décor. The neutral colors, along with the small-leaved tree, can have a calming effect on your baby’s sleep.

Welcoming neutral nursery décor

neutral nursery décor

The primary theme colors of this neutral décor are white and brown. Most of the furniture, including the baby cot, the chair, the lamp, and the rug, is painted white.

They make the honey-toned paneling, as well as the wooden circular sign above the baby crib and the ceiling light shade, really pop. The overall decoration generates a pleasant and warm feeling for the room.

Beige baby room

doodle patterns

The above design is a combination of the previous two decorations. It adopts the vegetal theme similar to the first décor. However, instead of a dark-colored wall, the main tone is beige with some warmer shades from the bamboo furniture.

A different feature of this décor is the doodle patterns on the wall, which gives the nursery a childlike vibe.

Count the rabbits

neutral tone nursery

The blue cowhide rug looks like ocean waves underneath the baby cot. Another way to nurture your child’s love for nature is by making friends with animals. Before your child can get in contact with real animals, animal illustration, or toys will help him or her to get used to nature.

The neutral animal nursery has a modern-looking rabbit wallpaper. In addition, the black and white sheep matches well with the cot’s colors, while some wooden animal toys on the shelf or stuffed animals in the baskets can keep your child company in his or her neutral tone.

Earthy neutral colors 

animal-inspired theme

This design is another animal-inspired theme for neutral nursery décor, including an animal wallpaper, animal toys, and an animal towel. However, the mixture of pastel colors and wooden furniture create an earthier and softer tone for the room than the previous design.

The nursery is one of the neutral decor ideas that can work really well with a country-style house.

Simple yet elegant design

decorating a gender neutral nursery

It’s simple yet elegant and artistic. This design shows that decorating a gender-neutral doesn’t need to be complicated with a lot of details or furniture.

There is a simple white baby cot and white-framed drawing placed next to a dark green paneling. You can also add some bamboo baskets and wooden items or toys to smoothen the deep color contrast between the cot and the wall.

Multi-functioned design

neutral nursery rug

For parents who want a lot more details for their child’s neutral décor, this design may be the one for you. The detailed furniture includes a white triple dresser, a small shelf on the wall for trivial stuff and a small clothes rack for the baby.

The neutral rug connects the light colors of the furniture with the dark green wall. This creates a pleasant harmony for the nursery as a whole.

Contemporary neutral tone 

neutral tone nursery

This décor is perfect for houses with contemporary interior themes. White, as the leading color, makes it easy to add fun decorations to the nursery.

The dark-colored baby cot really stands out in this room. Additionally, simple yet amazing monochrome art on the wall and the dotted rug add more sophistication to the neutral tone nursery.

Taking care of babies, especially newborns, can be a really tough job. Therefore, parents or other family members occasionally need some rest or a sleepover at the nursery while fulfilling that responsibility.

The daybed in this design serves that purpose perfectly. The pillows with a basic yet fun texture and some stuffed animals prevent the couch from being just a boring white color.

Bird-inspired pastel

patterned rug

The décor gives off a cozy and relaxing vibe created by the mint paneling, the simple patterned rug, and the blush baby cot.

Because the remaining part of the room has soft colors, the dark sideboard becomes the highlight of the nursery.

Another creative feature of this design is the bird-inspired theme in the upper part of the room, including artworks on the wall, decorations around the ceiling light shade, and wallpaper.

Baby blue 

neutral nursery colors

The foundation of this design is the color white, from the rug, the lamp to the paneling, and the bear beside the baby cot. White is one of the most common neutral colors. But if you don’t design carefully, the nursery can be quite bland.

However, by adding a little baby blue color from the cot sheet and the pillow, this nursery has more layers to it without becoming boring. Moreover, the plant next to the window makes the room more alive.

Be flexible and have fun 

The designs above are some of our suggestions to inspire your future child’s nursery. However, neutral nursery décor leaves a lot of room for imagination and alterations.

Therefore, don’t limit yourself to these ten ideas. You can mix and match features you like in each design to make your unique nursery. The sky is the limit, so be flexible and have fun.

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