10 Nursery Dresser Décor Ideas For Your Baby Storage

What else can be more exciting than bringing your beloved babies a beautiful, charismatic room? You might have listed all the essentials to buy but have yet to decide how to put them together? How about starting off with the biggest furniture – dresser? This list of 10 nursery dresser decor will help you out. No more waiting, scroll down to get better suggestions before closing your purchase!

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10 Nursery Dresser Décor Ideas For Your Baby Storage

6 drawer nursery dresser

If you are a huge fan of vintage-inspired decoration and you have been afraid or hesitant to synchronize the nursery, especially with your solid, modern dresser, this design will definitely help you with super-duper easy small steps you can take to fulfill your deepest wish.

The principle is to set a focal point for the main theme – vintage. What has already come with the room is the wooden floor and the creamy white wall. It is a good thing that the dresser and the shelves are white too.

Now comes the crucial point: you can try adding small details that can match the wood theme color such as through the drawer knobs, specifically double knobs like the ones of this 6 drawer nursery dresser, which surely adds more style to the room, the handwoven changing basket and the other hand-decorated round mirror.

Lastly, follow the same tone and feel free to add more customized stuff for your kids on the shelves and the dresser like flowers, pictures, or toys. You can certainly keep this style even when your baby has grown up because truly, vintage can never go out of date.

white nursery dresser

Pastel tones and baby’s nursery go together like peas and carrots. What if your room theme is not a common white but a unique powdery blue instead? Look how a milky white nursery dresser can still fit such a tone perfectly!

For your cutie little baby girl, try using a dresser that has a curvy shape on either all drawers or the bottom edge, which can nicely add more softness to the design of your nursery. Highlighted also by its antique copper handles on the two sides and the ring pulls in the middle that matches the lamp, this dresser is a great complementary for those who look for a modern yet simple approach for your nursery.

rustic 6 drawer nursery dresser

How about a whole new different approach for your baby room with a much vibrance, warmness green, and brown? Definitely go look for this rustic 6 drawer nursery dresser! The classic mid-century look of dark wood along with its natural texture outside really helps this furniture not only stand out but also brings more liveliness and balance to the room. Definitely try to put some plants next to it, too!

9 drawer nursery dresser

There have been a lot of trends going on recently that we can’t ignore, especially for us wonderful mothers who want to cherish the brightness, girliness, and princesses of our daughters, you all know I’m talking about pink and gold.

Guess what? The good news is that we can totally catch up with this amazing trend with our dresser! A solid off-white 9 drawer nursery dresser will work just fine but the tipping point is all those luxurious looking golden handles and legs which undoubtedly make a great showcasing of your girls’ gracefulness.

3 drawer nursery dresser

More girly personalities with this pinky, curvy, wooden-top dresser! It is also a brilliant idea to place it on a flowery carpeted floor then put on flower stickers to match them all up. People also love the simplicity and minimality of this 3 drawer nursery dresser. A woven changing basket on top, a vivid green stripe wallpaper, what can go wrong with this combination?

dresser idea

Want to be free with the stories you want to tell out of the decoration rather than sticking to one particular style? This is for you.

Joining your dresser with extra tall bookshelves or leaving more space above it for a creative gallery wall are both excellent options. Since this is a flexible type of design that can allow you to switch to a completely new one of your choice, it is recommended to set all the wall, dresser and shelves color back to neutral (white, gray, or pastel) so that they form a natural background for your kid’s authentic personal materials that you put on to really shine.

3 shelves

If you are an adventurous person who is up for new designs and models, why not try this really cool 2 doors nursery dresser? There are 3 shelves inside, so no worries about storage or whatsoever. You can surely put some handy baskets inside to better organize the essentials or simply store them as normal and enjoy this freshly, creative look from the outside. Definitely consider it for your nursery!

brown dresser

We have been living too much in the adult world of decoration and apparently are missing quite a huge factor here, don’t you agree?

A burst of basic colors – red, yellow, and blue, a pastel blue wall of white fluffy flowers are just too good to create such an airy, dreamy vibe and endless joy and playfulness of our childhood that even us would want to relive in the room. A simple light brown dresser will suit this well in harmonizing such a special atmosphere.

drawer nursery dresser

A nice mix of antique and modern! Fairly new-modeling, clean-looking 6 drawer nursery dresser surrounded by hand-woven Bohemian Pendant Lamp, boho rug, and ancient-framed mirror all well complement each other to bring a very warm, cozy, and nostalgic sense for your nursery.

bright color dressers

Another great demonstration of utilizing focal points to create more pleasant to the eyes. Notice how white or bright color dressers can better reflect natural light and thus lighten up your whole nursery room. Feel free to customize all details going along with the dresser such as knobs, handles, legs, or more decoration on the surface based on your own taste.

Let us know which one is your favorite out of our 10 listed nursery dresser décor above. And, don’t hesitate to share with us your nursery dresser decoration below!

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