Purple Baby Nursery Decor: 10 Gorgeous Ideas

The combination of glamour and joy with a calming ambiance in purple nursery décor makes this the perfect choice for decorating your angel nursery and turning it into a wonderland where the child can feel the elegant flair of purple hue. This color has recently become trendy because of its versatile and enchanting vibes that are essentially gender-neutral and give parents more freedom of design.

With these ideas in mind, we’re going to list out the best purple nursery ideas that might suit you and your bundle of joy.

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Top 10 Purple Nursery Décor For Baby’s Roompurple nursery ideas

Simple and yet still being elegant, this style has a touch of purple color on the sofa, which makes it stand out in the light color-tone of the whole decoration. Adding the darker hue of purple on small details like the tissue box on a modern designed stand will make it more exciting and fun in the classic nursery with a vintage lamp and dresser.

This is for parents who love the vintage classic feel but still want to add some cool fun touches to their design.

purple nursery rug

This room with different purple shades on the heart shape wall décor pops out in the mix with the classic slatted crib. The contrast between the white curtain on the crib with some cushions make the whole decoration more enchanting, while the curtain and the nursery rug are plus points to make the room fit with dreamy babies.

purple nursery wallpaper

Why stop your imagination when you can add some beautiful 3D wallpaper in different hues of purple to your baby’s room? The purple nursery wallpaper is the highlight to add the vibrant backdrop for the whole room, but the touches of purple continue with some animal friends every child loves like the rabbit or unicorn. This whole light purple color turns the room into an airy environment despite its actual size.

purple nursery curtain

A more classic combination between the vintage crib and a light-tone purple sofa will be the choice for parents who love to bring a bright and airy feeling to their child’s nursery. The color can be in the beautifulnursery curtain to change some purple hues from outside bright light to the darker tone purple rug.

Some furniture added like the big vintage mirror and the large chandelier will make the whole room sparkle.purple nursery wall décor

Not only can it be put in room décor or accessories, but the color of purple also can be used to make some nurseries more exciting and impressive, like the purple dresser.

This will be handy for storing all the baby’s supply while maintaining its position as the centerpiece for the whole room décor. And don’t forget to put more on purple nursery wall décor to light up the whole space and you will be surprised by the outcomes.

purple nursery rug

For spacious nurseries, the large light-toned purple nursery rug is the way to go. It smooths out the whole room style while still being the centerpiece to mix with the big dresser and the rocking unicorn.

The touch of purple makes a more exciting and colorful space without being far too overwhelming, and the corner windows will help to lighten the whole room while it mixes with the curtain and the corner sofa. Don’t forget to add some more animal toy friends for the baby. The whole purple theme gives the room the glow that cannot achieve by using only neutral colors, and yet the background looks unassuming and understated.

The purple theme

Parents looking to add some personality to their nursery will love the purple rug’s mesmerizing color mixes. The rug adds more dimensions to the room and it sure will be the eye-catcher in the whole room décor, but the white room accessories will harmoniously go well with the rug.

The purple theme fills the room with the feeling that no neutral color can. Put some more greenness like a plant or a sun-inspired mirror on the wall and then you have heaven for the child’s creativity.

purple nursery wall décor

In a room full of the white interior, purple’s color choice is sometimes truly appealing with the large nursery wall décor full of printed flowers that will bring the wall alive. This mixes well to be the perfect background for the whole room décor while still keeping the room’s color scheme.

The touches like the painting on the wall or the creative ceiling lamp will add more and more uniqueness to the nursery, and the curtain helps to pop out the fluffy center rug.

purple nursery paint color

While the light purple hue can turn the room into a cozy space, the dark purple in this style is used in moderation and truly adds elegance and opulence to the nursery. Despite the crib’s corner position, the purple nursery paint color brings more highlights to the wall décor with the light-colored painting in the center.

The dark purple nursery chair with the doll in the corner is another cool touch to finish the whole mysterious and calming vibe of the nursery.

purple nursery rug

For modern design lovers, adding many unique room décors is the best way for the baby to share the passion with parents. Adding a contemporary style crib and modern lamps will be a nice way to bring modern vibes to the room, but the centerpiece will definitely be the dark nursery rug to finish the room’s color mixes. Some color pops of purple books in the corner go well with the rug and prove that purple can blend well with the variety of colors or décor styles.

Final Words

As purple is one of the best colors to use in the nursery, putting some purple nursery décor is a great way to make the whole nursery grow with your child and adapt to the kid’s ever-changing taste. As purple is widely seen as a beautiful and neutral color, adding purple to styles from traditional and minimal to contemporary and unique design or even Scandinavian style has proven that purple gets its way to work everywhere. Hopefully, after this post, you get the best ideas for your own space to sparkle the child’s nursery with purple touches.

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