Storkcraft Portofino Crib Reviews: Why Do Most Parents Use It?

Cribs are probably the things with which most babies spend the most time. So choosing the right crib for your babies is very important.

One of the best cribs out there now is the Storkcraft Portofino 4-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib. Let’s read this Storkcraft Portofino Crib reviews to find out why most parents prefer to use it for their child.

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Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer

” This crib is a great value for any parent. Especially for whose babies’ room is small.”

Product highlights:

  • Convert easily from crib to toddler bed/day bed & even full bed
  • Add changing station with a water-resistant change pad
  • 3 Position Adjustable Height Mattress
  • Non-toxic finishes

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“Grow Up” With Your Children

Every child must go through four stages of development, from birth to 18 years of age. They are Infancy (birth to 2 years old), Early Childhood (3 to 8 years old), Middle Childhood (9 to 11 years old), and adolescence (12 to 18 years old).

Why do I talk about this? Because the Storkcraft Portofino 4 in 1 crib will last and last, grow up with your children through all four stages of them.

It can convert from a crib to a toddler, from a toddler to a daybed, and finally, from a daybed to a full-size bed. That is why it is called The Storkcraft Portofino 4-1 convertible crib.

In short, you just have to pay one time, and it will last 18 years, grow with your child. It is a great deal, isn’t it? Your children will grow very fast in the first few years of their life. So going to buy a convertible crib is always the smartest choice.

In fact, many parents going from a toddler to a full-size bed, skip the daybed, as it functions as a daybed.

Easy To Install

The installation process is pretty quick. It takes you around 2 hours to build it.

Although it comes with a lot of pieces, the Instruction Manual is very well-written. Most parents can do it easily without any problems.

So I believe that you will not have any problems with the installation process, too.

The Storkcraft Portofino Crib Changer

Another big benefit of the Storkcraft Portofino 4 in 1 crib is it comes with an attached changer that is built into a drawer.

Why is it a big benefit?

First, getting a separate changer will take up much more space in the room. If your house is not too big, this is a deal-breaker. Second, of course, buying a separate changer will come with an extra cost.

Most parents are very satisfied because of this and said that their children’s room looks bigger and even better organized.

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High-quality Design

Many parents said that they are very pleased with the quality of this product.

It is pretty sturdy, which is an important aspect because you want it to last with time.

But some parents complain about the strong smell of wood stain, and it takes months to fade away. And some others said they had to air it in two months but could not fade it away.

By the way, you can buy it in three different color options: white, espresso, and cherry.

Come with a Nightstand

The nightstand is a good bonus and will save you some money. Besides that, to find a stand that matches the style of the crib is pretty tough, but it is built-in here.

Overall, the Storkcraft Portofino 4 in 1 crib is a very good piece of furniture. And it has a pretty attractive look, too.

Other specs of Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 convertible crib

It weighs 125 pounds, and its sizes are 75 x 32.5 x 43 inches, so it is small enough to fit in nearly all sizes of room.

It comes with an adjustable 3-position mattress support to keep the mattress in place securely.

Storkcraft Portofino Review

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  • 3-position mattress base to keep it firmly in place
  • Very sturdy
  • Attractive and good-looking design
  • Strong materials for high durability
  • Long-lasting all four stages of development of your children.


  • Have a strong smell of wood stain,
  • Does not include any bed rails for a toddler bed.

How to buy Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 convertible crib

If you are finding a crib that has such features:

  • 4-1 convertible crib: transform from a crib into a toddler, daybed, and full-sized bed.
  • “Grow” with your baby: have an adjustable support base with three height options
  • Have an attached changing table with 3 Full-sized drawers and 2 open shelves;
  • JPMA certified.

What do I like about Storkcraft Portofino 4 in 1 crib?

Storkcraft Portofino Crib Review

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This is the second crib we bought for our first baby, and it seems that this crib is pretty good.

Actually, I do not want to buy a crib with a changer like this, but it had been the sole solution for us as we did not find a crib that was tiny enough to suit my child’s room.

I did not assemble it; my husband did. And he took around 2 hours to put it all together. He said that the changing table was the hardest part; everything else was pretty easy.

For me, the drawer is a huge bonus, since it provides space for storing during a small nursery. The changing dresser cushion is thin like others have said, but not narrow enough for me to bother about my child being painful or bonking her head.

I did not detect any smell of wood stain upon unpacking, too. But the drawers below the changing dresser were a bit smelly, so I had not put anything in there yet. After leaving them wide open, that smell finally faded out.

At the end of the day, it is a very great, solid piece of furniture.


What mattress size should I buy for this item?

I recommend you should buy a premium Graco foam crib and a toddler bed mattress. Or any standard mattress that measures 6 x 27.5 x 52 inches.

Can the changing table be installed on either side of the item?

Unfortunately, the changing table cannot be installed on the left side, as the crib was given the changer the left safety guard-rail.

Can Storkcraft Portofino be used without the changer?

This item cannot be used without the changer as it may compromise the stability of the crib.

What is the weight limit of the changing table?

The weight limit of the changing table is 30 pounds.

Can I paint this item?

I do not recommend painting your crib as any modification to your crib may invalidate your warranty. If you wish to do so then you should only use non-toxic paint, which has no lead in it.


Overall, after using it for a while, I think this crib is a great value for any parent. Especially for whose babies’ room is small.

It may take a lot of time to assemble it. But once you are done, you will have a sturdy crib that can last decades.

Hope that after reading this Storkcraft Portofino Crib reviews, you can choose the right crib for your children. It is important because your babies will stick with it for a long time. Thank you for reading!

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