Top 10 Vintage Nursery Décor You Can’t Miss!

Who doesn’t love a retro vibe room? And imagining your kids will fall asleep while seeing a fascinating vintage nursery décor, isn’t it the most perfect way to bring peaceful dreams to your lovely angels?

Vintage nursery ideas are all about cribs, colors, and accessories. However, it’s not the right way to set up every vintage element here and there. The way you choose your furniture and how to combine them to create funky retro vibes matters.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 stunning vintage nursery décor for your angels that will never go out of style!

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Top 10 Beautiful Vintage Nursery Décor Ideas

vintage nursery furniture

Did you just scream: classic? Yes, this is a classic room, but still very trendy. Your children will fall asleep in the peaceful atmosphere brought about by the dark green vintage nursery wallpaper and the brown vintage nursery accessories. The standout harmony of the main dark color tones makes the room unified and fashionable despite having a lot of furniture in one place.

It reminds us of the familiar, cozy feeling of families from the 80s-90s with gatherings, fragrant candles, laughter, and children’s play. The only thing this nursery need is additional light from some lamps, chandelier, or windows. It could lift the main dark tone of the room and make it a bright space for the children to grow up with.

vintage nursery theme

Looking for a real vintage nursery theme to achieve? This one is a must.

Are you ready to see your child’s bright smile in a retro white crib? White is always the best color tone to decorate the room for our little angels. This room is dyed in classic white tones and its minimalist style will blend well with any house to bring a simple and sparkle space for family members.

Although accented by a stylish wooden chair and a luxurious ceiling fan, the overall outlook still lacks a bit of color. There’s nothing more suitable in this situation than a dark green Singapore eagle tree or light pink curtains, right?

vintage nursery décor

This ain’t no neutral vintage nursery décor as it’s set up with all floral wallpaper. However, if your child is a lovely girl, then this style will be suggested because it gives a space full of feminine style and classic British elegance.

This style also allows you to decorate the nursery with a tight budget. All you need is some floral wallpapers and bedding sets with girly ruffles matched with the whole theme. Also, you can set up some other accessories in a white tone for better harmony. If there’s some excessive budget, you can have fur furniture such as a chair or rug for extra coziness.

vintage nursery wall art

This is another floral vintage nursery theme but it has a much stronger taste. Not only girls but this style can also still suit baby boys with unique personalities. The nursery is brought to life with nature-inspired wallpaper. It enhances a child’s imagination about mother nature and exciting adventures of the outside world.

As the vintage nursery wall art is already complicated, the rest of the furniture tends to be simple. Other pieces of furniture in the room are kept as rustic as possible with mostly unpainted wood materials, such as a crib or rocking chair. With a couple of retro lamps for brightness, this decoration is an ideal choice for parents.

vintage nursery bedding

If you are looking for a fairy tale, dreamy, and vintage nursery décor, the pink and golden design right here is the one to choose. How can your angels get a nightmare in this nursery? Sweet, lovely, high-end, as well as vintage, is all you can think about when seeing this decoration.

Immersed in luxurious golden tones, every little detail in the nursery makes you fall in love with their sweetness. The light from the mini gold lamps, the finesse of the chandeliers and rattan tables and chairs, the wonderful accent from the color variations of the bedding, all can ensure your kids will have nights dreaming on the cloud.

An extra of some toy animals or a baby mobile to fly your kids to the moon will lead the room to perfection.

vintage nursery prints

This design is where the modern meets the vintage. The color combination of gold and green does not make the room feel dark or out of fashion. Thanks to the subtle addition of lots of natural light as well as a white crib, armchair, and rug, the nursery overall gives you a clean, fresh and modern look even though the interior is all vintage nursery theme.

The great highlight point that makes this room not too blurred is the vintage nursery wallpaper with lots of details (spring flowers). Besides, some prints on the green wall will also attract children’s eyes.

This nursery place with this variety of furnishings won’t need any extra tweaks, but be mindful of providing enough light at night so that the room doesn’t become too dark.

vintage nursery mobile

If you want vintage nursery decor, beige always spots on. Not only is it trending in recent years, but it’s also a neutral tone that can match any classic design. Along with a black metal crib, a gray rug, and large wall decorations, this room gives you the vibe of old times urban houses.

Beige tones should be mixed with objects with contrasting colors or details to avoid monotony. This beige room is accented with the green tone from curtains and a little playful dynamism from a small baby mobile. If you replace the wooden sign on the wall with a clock, the room will look simpler and more modern.

vintage nursery books

Recently, bohemian nurseries have become one of the prominent trends with the blending of traditional boho styles and modern materials.

Boho style creates palatial comfort with all things organic and rustic. All of the furniture in your baby’s room will stand out against the elegant brown and beige tones. This allows you to decorate many room furniture for extra convenience.

Cozy is like a linen curtain hang above the crib, a rich-texture rug, and a fluffy cushion to make the room softer. You can replace your wall decorations with a larger shelf filled with books or feature some more toys to provide a room more fun for your baby.

vintage nursery decals

This nursery is designed in a neutral vintage tone that will well-blend in any household decoration. The room is arranged very simply but fully functional. A classic dresser made from wood brings a rustic, friendly room. Vintage nursery mobile, retro mini car, and a canvas wall hanging really add a playful vibe to the room. Are there any babies who don’t want to play with their parents here?

Free up a bit of space for a nice piece of brown rustic crib brings the nursery more functional and convenient. And how about replacing the gray art print on the wall with some decals like clouds, flowers, moon, or stars? Then this little corner of the vintage nursery décor would be perfect for both girls and boys.

vintage nursery wall art

If you’re after a classic yet unique style, this is definitely the design for you. An obscure classic that blends ancient Greece and the Mediterranean with handcrafted rattan decorations, vintage nursery wall art with the signature Mediterranean color scheme. Overall, this vintage nursery theme brings harmony, coolness, and freshness to the room.

The room will look brighter if you choose a bed in white, adding a little more light with lamps or natural light. And if you want to bring a more distinct Santorini style, you can add a soft blue color with some blue cushions. Then your kids will grow up in a unique nursery with a chill vintage vibe!

Ready To Set Up A Vintage Nursery

Despite being loved by many parents as it brings back the old times with memories, not many people succeed in building a vintage nursery décor. Before purchasing your furniture, you should begin with an end in your mind what will your room look like, how will you combine every single element without stuffing a bunch of accessories into your babies’ space.

Above is our suggestion for the top 10 vintage nursery ideas that the easiest to achieve, are you satisfied with them? Tell us what you think.

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