When To Buy The Crib During Pregnancy?

Congratulations to be parents! It will surely be a wonderful journey ahead. Are you getting a bit overwhelmed preparing for the nursery because there are too many things to decide? Don’t worry, here is our guide to help you decide when to buy the crib during pregnancy.

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When to buy the crib during pregnancy?

Although how soon to buy a crib varies greatly from person to person, I personally think that the best time to buy a crib is during your second trimester, meaning from anywhere between 4 to six months of your pregnancy.

This gives you plenty of time to make up your mind and more importantly, do this as soon as possible will be better than putting a burden later on your third trimester, where you will be much tired.

It is also common for parents to rush into buying bassinets or Moses baskets very soon, right after they receive the good news. Yes, they are cheap and handy and come with many other benefits.

But, sooner or later you will have to buy a crib anyway unless you want to share your bed with your baby, so sufficient preparation at the right time is the key.

Why don’t we crib shopping in the third trimester?

when should you buy a crib during pregnancy

The first reason is that many cribs are discontinued right after their sales peak, meaning the company stops providing conversion kits or other accessories for that specific crib name/ model.

This is a fact that every parent should be aware of and it is good advice that not only should you buy a crib early in your pregnancy, as soon as you find out your go-to crib, make the deal immediately at the store before they are discontinued.

The second reason also comes from the crib company and manufacturer as well. Usually, they will only make the crib after their customers have ordered it.

This, of course, depends on the way companies sell cribs and the market you are in, and surely if you are going to buy your crib right at the store, then it’s not the case. But, for parents who mostly shop online, this is an important notice.

It is possible that you will have to wait between four to twelve weeks for your crib to arrive. That equals almost 3 months of your pregnancy! So, it’s best to plan ahead of time and make a reasonable choice to prepare for your nursery.

No one wants to be stressed out and all rushing at the very last minutes, right?

Guides on choosing a safe crib

how soon to buy a crib

Now you know when to buy your crib. But that’s just the first big thing you have to make a decision. How about crib features? What to look for when choosing a crib.

Following is our guideline to help you narrow down your options and find out what crib will suit you the best.

Caster wheels

Crib with wheels underneath it? Why not? Indeed, this is actually a very useful feature.

With wheels on, the crib can now be moved easily around the house without damaging the floor, helping you with cleaning the underneath area or you can move the crib to another room and turn it into a new playing space!

Choosing a crib on wheels, make sure the wheels have lockers attached, which helps you secure the crib in one place when you don’t want it to be moved unexpectedly, especially with your baby inside and not under your watch.

If your crib has already been installed without wheels and you want to have this feature, there are furniture caster wheels you can easily get at local hardware stores.

Crib mattress height

Mattress height adjustability has now been available in a variety of standard cribs in the market. It really eases the challenge of parents adjusting the sleeping space at different development stages of their babies. Adjustable mattress height cribs are also a better choice for parents who are short, too.

When picking this feature, choosing 3 or at least 2 mattress heights will be better. Also, check out the way the mattress is supported underneath. Many cribs have wood slats or metal bars whereas others use a metal frame with wires crisscrossed at the bottom.

Despite the shape variety, sturdiness is what you want to focus on when it comes to crib mattress support, which wire springs seem to be the best option.

Choose stationary sides

Most standard cribs have stationary sides, which can either be single-drop sides, double-drop sides sliding down, or folded drop-gate sides. Although drop sides seem to be convenient to a lot of parents, there have been serious warnings and even bans in the U.S because of the safety they are involved in.

Drop-side cribs now become illegal to be sold at stores or donated, according to crib safety standards. A stationary side crib is the safer alternative that you can choose.

Convertible cribs

Imagine when your baby outgrows the crib, you definitely have to get him a bigger sleeping space, a proper bed for example, which apart from spending more money, you simply have to abandon the crib. For this reason, convertible cribs have now become more and more popular as they allow parents to transform cribs into 2 to 3 different forms that match their baby’s needs.

Cribs with 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 features mean they can be converted into 3 or 2 configurations, most commonly toddler bed and full-size bed.

This process often requires an extra conversion kit that is usually sold together with the crib from the beginning. It is a big investment but will be worthy eventually, and you want to make it soon before your crib is discontinued by the manufacturer.

For those parents who are expecting another baby or would rather donate the crib, this may be just a nice thing to have. Or moving your toddler to a twin bed can be a cool and money-saving solution.

Bottom lines

We hope the question of “when should you buy a crib during pregnancy” has now been a bit easier for you to answer and has eased your stress of being a parent for the first time. Even us, parents, are all learning to be better every day, right?